GameZone Interview: Breaking Out of Prison and Into Saint's Row 2 With Lead Designer James Tsai

GameZone writes: ""While the story we're putting forth is compelling, we never take ourselves so seriously that it conflicts with the extreme, over-the-top feel the game has."

Not too long ago, Saint's Row blasted its way onto the Xbox 360, giving Grand Theft Auto clones everywhere – and the real GTA – a reason to be fearful. The new guy in town came with features and scenarios the others didn't have, which proved to be a big hit with many gamers. Now that Saint's Row 2 has arrived, we wanted to get the developer's take on this exciting open-world shooter.

'The Saints Row 2 team draws from a lot of film, games, and TV for overall inspiration, but our opening escape sequence wasn't modeled or mirrored after any one particular source," said James Tsai, Lead Designer. "Overall, we just thought of all the cool stuff we'd love to see in a prison break and worked to integrate it into an exciting mission. Stealthy, sneaky prison breaks aren't nearly as exciting as ones with spotlights, shootouts, alarms, machine guns, helicopters, and a boat chase back to the city of Stilwater.'"

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