“It’s a longshot” - Insomniac talks chances of Resistance 4

Insomniac Games has a hit on its hands with Marvel's Spider-Man for PS4, but when finder interviewed the developer about what's next, it didn't receive good news for Resistance fans.

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SlappingOysters1095d ago

There's no way it won't come back at some point in the future, but sounds like it will be a different dev behind it. I'm ok with that, Resistance always felt paper-thin as an FPS under Insomniac.

trouble_bubble1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Paper thin? Hell no. How many paper thin shooters hit 86% and 87% on metacritic? Lest we forget the paper cuts of Duke Nukem Forever, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Homefront: the revolution, 007 Legends, Haze, Medal of Honor Warfighter, Rogue Warrior

cleft51094d ago (Edited 1094d ago )

I loved Resistance 3 and I really hope we get a part 4 or just another one. They really found their pacing with Resistance 3. Its easily one of the best games.

b163o11094d ago

Yeah, I loved Resistance as well, when I first got on there MP with 64 players, I logged out of the world for 12hrs str8. I was disappointed when they stopped making them. Maybe we'll see another when the PS5 comes out, or at least a remastered version...

darthv721094d ago

I always figured the story ended with 3 and that a new story began with Burning Skies but then that fire burned out.

NewMonday1094d ago

Resistance had great fun FPS gameplay but weak story and character concepts, this was the same problem for Kilzone. both were actually great FPS games but the characters and the world didn't pull you.

it's like the reverse problem of the Order, that game had an interesting concept an a good script but the gameplay was below average.

Sony need to give all these 3 games another chance and fix the bad aspect.

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nucky641094d ago

i wouldn't mind seeing what GG could do with this game. probably will never happen though.

LucasRuinedChildhood1094d ago

If they don't make a sequel, they need to at least do some form of remaster. It particularly annoys me that Resistance 3 doesn't work with the PS4 gamepad on PS3. I don't have good enough internet for PS Now.

Notellin1094d ago

Man Resistance was fantastic. It was a breath of fresh air in the shooter genre at the time. Definitely not paper-thin.

Wallstreet371094d ago

Resistance 3 campaign was one of the best campaigns in an FPS i ever played. Solid all around.

Michiel19891094d ago

I wouldnt mind Guerilla making Resistance 4

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Neonridr1095d ago

considering each newer version sold less than the previous one, no surprise these guys aren't eager to jump back into that universe. Their talents are clearly elsewhere right now.

oasdada1095d ago

Id really prefer a less arcady and more moody resistance game preferably made my guerilla, ready ar dawn or a new studio

-Foxtrot1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I know people are going to disagree to death but honestly with the ending of the third game it came to a nice close story wise. I don't think they could really do a 4th game without spoiling the peaceful ending we were given.

Killzone tried to come back after the nice ending of Killzone 3 and it just felt a tad forced, although that could be more about whatever writer Guerilla Games chose for the project, obviously the same can't be said for Insomniac but you never know. It even happened to Gears of War 4, yeah it was an okay game but to close the third game on a nice high note where they've finally won the war and get their peace it always comes off as grasping for straws when shit hits the fan again.

I think they need a reboot further down the line or what I'd love to see a reboot-remake like what they did with Ratchet and Clank.

Remake Resistance Fall of Man
Add/Expand the game
Make Nathan Hale a better developed character
Then make Resistance Fall of Man II
Virus plot is toned down
Nathan Hale doesn't die
The game keeps the same themes and elements of the first game timeline
Resistance Fall of Man III ends with Nathan being taken to their home world.

Fist4achin1095d ago

I like your thinking. They could do a simultaneous storyline somewhere else and run with a new set of characters

Thomaticus1095d ago

They could turn it into an open world third person metroidvania type game.

Skankinruby1095d ago

They could go the god of war route and reboot it from scratch. I think it could be an excellent game with the right direction

Master of Unlocking1095d ago

God of War PS4 is not a reboot though, it's a sequel.

paintedgamer19841095d ago

Resistance fall of man was such an amazing experience. I think it was a launch ps3 game too wasnt it? Just freaking superb... never understood why they didnt just keep making fom games.

Asuka1095d ago

it was such a good game. The multiplayer was amazing as well. it was like 40 player matches and little latency for the most part. the weapons, and the grenades... literal room clearing grenades XD. Then R2's coop missions with progression systems for your classes... the games where literally ahead of their time.

darren_poolies1094d ago

Yep, FOM is still one of my favorite fps games ever. The single player and multiplayer were both incredible. It's actually the game that go me into fps multiplayer, such fond memories on the Manchester Cathedral map! I wish the series was more successful than it ended up, I would snap up a remake or sequel in a heartbeat.

jukins1094d ago

yea it was an amazing launch experience. a pretty game tons of enemies and fun weapons too. the story was good up until the end. felt like they ran out of time and threw the ending together to meet deadlines. but the multiplayer 30vs30 the gameplay held up and was amazing and its what sony is missing right now in its library a an fps with long lasting multiplayer

Asuka1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

i very much agree. in the case of Killzone 3 / Shadowfall, Killzone 3 did have that extended scene at the end that wasn't ever explored, correct? The could lead into a potential true sequel, or i could be wrong altogether =p. Shadowfall felt like a "technical" demo of what the ps4 was capable of for the time, and also was a practical exercise for their new Decima Engine to be used in future projects (e.g. HZD). I also believe GG has said Shadowfall was essentially their "fallback" in the event that HZD wasn't as successful (which clearly we know otherwise lol)**.

But more OT:
I really like your idea for a reboot. I always enjoyed the original trilogy, and tbh a reboot feels right for the time. I hope it eventually gets picked back up. Btw, this is how i feel about KZ as well. I feel KZ could use a reboot as opposed to a direct sequel of KZ3.

**noClip interview @GG studios was where i got that info btw.

bellome1094d ago

Shut up and take my money!

sinspirit1094d ago

I'd love a new Resistance.

Resistance is also an alternate history storyline. It would totally be exciting to see an alternate history of this games own alternate history.

I really want Insomniac and Guerilla to collaborate on an online oriented game with the inclusion of a co-op/horde multiplayer mode as well.

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AK911095d ago

If Spiderman takes off and it most likely will Insomniac will solely be the Spiderman Devs for a while.

paintedgamer19841095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

I hope if extremely successful we see insomniac make other games in the dc universe than just spiderman. I read an article the other week that sony may spearhead others in the genre as well. Which would be amazing.

PhantomS421095d ago

Please, Sony just do it. There is such demand. Put out a Resistance Trilogy on PS4 and watch the money rain in.

badz1491095d ago

yup resistance trilogy on the PS4 will be lit! but knowing Sony, doing the trilogy while skipping the MP portion will be a thing like they did with the Uncharted collection. Resistance without MP is pretty meh...

princejb1341094d ago

wheres the demand? Each sequel sold less than the previous.

PhantomS421094d ago

You clearly aren't looking hard enough because I've seen tons of people asking Sony to bring these series back.

princejb1341094d ago

maybe in the online community which is very small compared to the casual everyday players. Like i said sales showed differently.
just a quick google search

jaycptza1094d ago

@PhantomS42 a few people asking is not enough prove demand.

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