PSi: NBA 09: The Inside Review

PSi writes: "NBA 09: The Inside is still the only 1080p basketball game on the PS3, though the higher resolution doesn't help when the visuals don't look great. Players look good, but there are some noticeable shortcuts, such as dropping the amount of detail on players. Animation also has an awkward feel; players don't move the way they are supposed to and lack any sort of weight. They don't glide across the floor, but the lack of grounding causes players to not feel like they are a part of the in-game world.

Besides running at 1080p, NBA 09 also runs at a consistent 60 frames-per-second. Oddly enough, the framerate holds up really nicely during games when you have numerous players running around the court. Yet, during some mini-games where there isn't as much going on, it will begin to hiccup a bit."

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