Metal Gear Solid V Gets New Update Version 1.18

Konami has released another update today for Metal Gear Solid V today. This new patch updates the game to version 1.18.

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Vandamme21103d ago

I agree with you..this game was very repetitive
That it became boring.

foaby102d ago

Yeah, i finished about 5% and couldnt get any longer. The prologue was awesome though. But it wasnt my type of game overall. Not saying it was bad, but not my cup of tea

ilikestuff102d ago

Got old quick, a shame, I wanted it to be awesome but, same missions 100s of time and the online was a mess, just terrible, no sneaking, just running around in tiny metal gears

ramiuk1102d ago

i loved it at start but jeez it became a drag and i sacked it off

ZombieKiller102d ago

Don't know what you're talking about I got the Platinum on this one too and it was amazing the whole way. Yeah it wasn't a typical MGS game and it DID have a choppy, incomplete story, BUT I loved the gameplay. Open world stealth? Boring quick? Use your imagination FFS, that gameplay was awesome.

CDbiggen102d ago

Oh right, I was the problem with the game's repetition and bland atmosphere. Should've just used my imagination all along.

ZombieKiller102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

@ CDbiggen: When you can strap C4 to a jeep, fulton into a chopper and blow it up, yes, you need to use your imagination. The game was not perfect but it wasn't boring.

iplay1up2103d ago

Xbox One X patch, would be nice. Battle Field 1 looks stunning in 4K with HDR.

Mega_Volnutt102d ago

Battlefield 1 is a joke on the X1. They messed up the servers specially with high ping issues even tho we had no prob with BF4 or Hardline, and every update the game got mad it worse. Now we have a bad taste for BF5 specially the Xbox Live community.

Mega_Volnutt102d ago

Where's Mission 51 lol, the game felt incomplete afterChapter 2 Quiet final mission. Chapter 2 was literally repeated but harder missions. MGS2 still the best, Shadow moses too.

mcstorm102d ago

Wow was the game really that bad? I've still got to play both mgsV games as never got round to them but own them both.

Akuma2K102d ago

The game is awesome, its not bad at all. I still play the game even after I've completed it.

Vegamyster102d ago

It's core gameplay is fantastic, wasn't a big fan of the world design and how the story drops off later in the game. Still worth playing if you can nab it for cheap

mcstorm101d ago

Thanks guys I already own both mgsV games I've just had a little one in between and dont get the time to play but he is getting that little bit older now going to try and get though my backlog of xbox and switch games

MetalGearsofWar102d ago

It was definitely incomplete.

optimus102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

i recently bought it after playing it for free on gold (it expired). i put over 30 hours in and i'm only at led me to believe the game is massive but so far from what i can tell all the missions take place in afganistan, making you visit the same locations but for different missions. not sure why the game is so big if it doesn't include other locations... anyhow, even though the game can get repetitive with the wash-rinse-repeat affect, it's still fun to far.

TheColbertinator102d ago

You also go to Southern Africa which has new locales,animals,enemies and weapons.

Nu102d ago

It's not Afghanistan it's actually Mexico

Kostche102d ago

MGS3 remake please Konami

wenaldy102d ago

They already did, MGS3: Snake Eater Pachinko.

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