Def Jam Possibly Teasing A New Wrestling Game

The record label appears to be stoking fan excitement over a new game in a few not so subtle tweets.

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SickSinceSix737d ago

As long as it's more like Fight for NY and less like Icon. Hopefully they bring back AKI Corporation to develop it

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shuvam09736d ago

Actually, just remake FFNY...
EA has lost its touch way back when...
Anything new would be pretty much crap full of MT...

DarXyde736d ago

Fight for NY was fantastic. Loved that game religiously.

Vendetta started a good thing, but DMX was more broken than Crow in Fight for NY (Snoop Dogg).

boing1737d ago

Please, make it like Fight for NY.

roadkillers736d ago

Hell yeah brother! I'll be Lil Wayne

DeadManMMX737d ago (Edited 737d ago )

Like Vendetta with Asmik Aki/ No Mercy engine please

XxSPIDEYxX737d ago

It all comes down to developer, and while EA Toronto did a great job with FFNY, I'm pretty sure they don't want anything more to do with the Def Jam series. Which is why we got Def Jam Icon from EA Chicago, and the guy behind the Xbox Kinect.

1nsomniac737d ago

Fight for NY was an awesome game!! Even for a fighting game it had great replay ability. Sunk some serious hours into that game.

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The story is too old to be commented.