Fallout 3 And Borderlands Screenshot Comparison

The article looks at both games graphics, and gives a comparison on which game has a better/distinctive look.

Blend Games writes:
"Blend Games' Editor Pete Haas would probably automatically tip his hat in favor of Fallout 3, as he really digs the game. And I'm sure everyone who doesn't know about Borderlands would also tip their hat in favor of Fallout 3. But before anyone does any hat tipping, let's take a look at both games and each set of screenshots."

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jaffa_cake3675d ago

hey that game looks good!
but both games look fab fallout 2 abit more of a darker feel to it.
borderland has great textures as well tho
close to call but give it to fallout 3

Silogon3675d ago

Ummm, neither look that smashing "graphics wise" if you ask me. I'm sure both will be just as good, if not better than Oblivion in some respects, though. I liked Oblivion for it's medevil theme and such, I'd like to see more First Person games go back to the Old West or the Medevil times like Oblivion did; maybe then the FPs market wouldn't feel so bland.

Si-fi shooters and Word War II for the loss.

cyguration3675d ago

I've wanted to play more western style shooters since LucasArts' Outlaws. Especially in a free-roaming RPG setting.

I don't count Call of Juarez, because that kind of sucked.

JustinSaneV23675d ago (Edited 3675d ago )

Might I say:

Who cares how one games looks to another?! Play both and be happy.