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WTMG's Leo Faria: "Iconoclasts hit me in many ways I was expected and a lot of ways I definitely wasn't ready for. I was pretty sure I was going to enjoy its visuals and pseudo-metroidvania gameplay, but I wasn't expecting to be graced with a deep and thought-provoking story. Not to mention everything was done by one single human being!"

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Jinger80d ago (Edited 80d ago )

I love when a game comes out that is still very well done and received well and then you find out it was made by 1 or 2 people. A lot of them are smaller indies of course, but they can often times be better than these large studios.

Shmeidi80d ago

Have you played "Gorogoa"? That game was hand drawn and animated by one guy and the music was done by another. It was a really cool puzzle game done by two guys.

Christopher80d ago

We covered him in 2015:

It was a game that obviously took time but he took a lot of breaks from it and worked on other small games. But, he persevered and kept at it.

jimbost7980d ago

Dust an elysian tale is a quality game, much better than a lot of even AAA games with massive studios. Still one of my favourite games.