16 Best Metroidvania Games Ever

We selected 16 games, from good old classics to modern titles, both hardcore and relatively easy to play, which we believe are the best representatives of the genre.

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luckytrouble1265d ago

A good list of games, a few that actually passed me by or I heard about then forgot to do any follow up. For those that care like me, this is also a list all on one page, so kudos for that as well.

goodwin1265d ago

Hate those lists where you need to click 'next' all the time. Looks like such creators care more about the time users spend on the website but not the users themselves.

akbennyewu1265d ago

I could not agree more about the list all on one page.

Imortus_san1265d ago

Good list the only ones I did not play were Apotheon, La-Mulana 2, Salt & Sanctuary, because I don't like its design or/ and graphic art, outside of that finished more then half of the rest.

LoveSpuds1265d ago

You may want to give Salt and Sanctuary the benefit of the doubt squire, it's a pretty great title in my opinion.

jznrpg1265d ago (Edited 1265d ago )

I have all of these games . Apotheon was ok there are better games for the list imo. Rain World, Bunny Must Die, unEpic , Battle Princess Madelyn etc there are so many good games.

Gaming4Life19811265d ago

Great list and I have damn near all the games on it, I'll definitely check out the ones i dont have.

opc1265d ago

Calling Guacamelee a metroidvania is a bit of a stretch. You just move forward and unlock all of your gate-opening abilities within the first 3 hours of a the game and then you simply use them in different combinations to escape from puzzle platforming rooms. You almost never back track to advance the story. It's incredibly linear.

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