GameStop's PowerUp Pro Elite Membership Failure a Sign of The Future?

Gamestop's Power Up Pro Elite Membership, had short and unremarkable run with only lasting little under a year. With the ever changing landscape of physical gaming, and competitors the likes of Best Buy's Gamer's Club Unlocked failing, and Amazon's ever changing pre-order incentives. Was GameStop membership method bound to fail? Is this failure a sign for things to come for Gamestop?

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annoyedgamer667d ago

I clicked expecting an article :(

gamer7804667d ago

Amazon and best buy also ended theirs, shame.

Poli_Games667d ago

Gamers Club was too good for this world. Seriously a damn shame! Only thing that kept me physical

vallencer667d ago

Small little correction in your video. Gamers club unlocked only gave 20% off new not used. I mean not that it matters much most people didn't go to best buy to buy used anyway only went for the new copies.

vallencer667d ago

Amazon still has theirs but it's only on pre ordered copies of a game now and not CE or remasters of games.

gamer7804667d ago

they do, but preordering still fairly expensive, with an extensive backlog I usually wait til its below 40$

rainslacker667d ago

which really would be fine, but they can't seem to get Sony games up for preorder, and apparently disney games are having the same problem.:(

Tankbusta40667d ago

Amazon still has theirs for pre orders, I was pleasantly surprised the other day to see they were purchasing used games again as well. I used to always sell my games back to amazon but for about a year they were not buying them back.

Majin-vegeta667d ago

Only the $30 version is being retired.You can still get the $15 version

Poli_Games667d ago

Yup that’s what is says friend ;)

IamTylerDurden1667d ago

I liked it, saved money. Umm do we get a refund?

Poli_Games667d ago

Nawh, I could only see if you want a refund if you bought it within a 30 day window

Majin-vegeta667d ago

No you're thing is still active until over.

showtimefolks667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

I don't buy games day one anyway so I will keep waiting the games I want to get to a price point I want to buy them

I am a full year behind so I am on 2017 games that saves me money and by than games are fully patched

paintedgamer1984667d ago (Edited 667d ago )

When i have bought games in the past, if its not like 90-100% likely i will like the game usually i get burnt so i quit buying games at launch or at all and have adopted the gamefly 14.99 1 game out mentality and only IF i like that game ill purchase it. Did so with Horizon Zero Dawn, God of War, and Detroit Become Human... Only game this year ill be buying without this method is Spider-Man!

showtimefolks667d ago

I agree instead of buying many games be selective and on the others either rent or wait till a price point you are comfortable with

My main reason is most games launching now require patches for months so why not let the developers finish developing the game with community feedback than buy it to enjoy the full game

traumadisaster666d ago

I'm still on ps360 games. Over 500 in steam too. I bought and sold ps4 at release cause of the backlog, i already had x1 and kept that for couple specific early games.

I'm waiting to get the next playstation and play all the ps4 games on it.

showtimefolks666d ago

That's not a bad idea because I think moving forward Sony will support BC with ps4 and would be nice if at launch of Ps5 they reveal that all past playstation games are BC on ps5

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The story is too old to be commented.