Gaming Nexus: Final Fantasy IV Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "I'll admit, there is a part of me that has always resented the idea of video game remakes. While there have certainly been some memorable remakes (Resident Evil on the GameCube, Super Mario All-Stars on the Super NES, etc.), they come with this stigma attached. It's a game like Final Fantasy IV that not only stands tall as a remake, but makes me question my preconceived notions about remakes in general. Remake or not, Final Fantasy IV is easily one of the best games available on the Nintendo DS.

Known as Final Fantasy II in the U.S., Final Fantasy IV was the first 16-bit entry in SquareSoft's long-running franchise. By the fourth game Square had already established many of the clichés, but beyond the expected there was a beautiful story, some of the best characters found in the Final Fantasy universe, and an epic adventure that had just about every human emotion you could muster up. It was a masterpiece, and this game, while not as innovative as the original game was, is definitely one of the best remakes I have ever had the pleasure of reviewing."

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