DayZ Xbox One Appears on Xbox Store with Xbox One X Enhancements and 4K Ultra HD Support

DayZ Xbox One has appeared on the official Xbox Store and features Xbox One X enhancements alongside 4K support.

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bolimekurac989d ago ShowReplies(5)
Smitty2020989d ago

They should finish the pc version before any console release


I was just looking at VIGOR gameplay on X (early access came out yesterday) and thought, man this looks similar to Dayz mechanics wise, then realized it was the same Dev. Now I see this an hour later lol, I will wait for Dayz since my console peasant self has been wanting to play it since the ARMA mod!

Anomander988d ago (Edited 988d ago )

I picked up the VIGOR early Access played a few rounds. So far so good. Ran pretty smooth on my X and was pretty solid all around. Looking forward to playing it more and seeing what options come out down the line.

MoltenMetalLove988d ago

Gunplay is a little quirky, but otherwise a pretty solid experience. I think duo's will be cool as well once added.

Anomander987d ago

I will be curious to see if they incorporate team play at all. That would be fun to have a Team base to build and maybe spread out to different drop points to gather resources.