XboxOz360: Saints Row 2 Review

XboxOz360 writes: "People have been constantly asking me whether Saints Row 2 is better than Grand Theft Auto 4. It's a question I hate. To me it is just like asking whether Burnout Paradise or Forza 2 is better, they may have similarities, but they are vastly different games.

Yet if I had to answer the question I would really have to say that both do some things better than each other. A better question would be which title did I have more fun with, and the answer to that my friends, would be Saints Row 2 by a landslide."

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XboxOZ3603648d ago

I don't know, after collecting a heap of graphics and screens for this, there seems to be a huge difference in actual game play screens, and those shown earlier . .It might be just me, but it seems a little off in places.

GrathiusXR3648d ago

I really didn't care for graphics on this one the gameplay and the activities are hella fun! there is just so much to do in Stillwater i love it!!

Hunter863648d ago

Yeah Im totally addicted to this one.

gaminoz3648d ago

I really was turned off by some of the seemingly silly juvenile ideas in this game like the 'poo spray' but this game really has been getting some great reviews! Too many games for me to play at the moment so it'll have to wait....

gaminoz3648d ago

Wow...Saints Row more fun that GTAIV according to the author!

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