How Overwatch Loot Boxes Get It Right

Can Lot Boxes not be evil and what's an example of a good one.

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-Foxtrot1058d ago

Still would prefer a system where you just gain a few coins a match and then you have the option to buy whatever you want. Either spend it straight away on crappy things or save up for what you like the look of.

capjacksparrow1058d ago

I mean, yeah it makes sense from a consumer standpoint to do what you suggest, but as a business, it makes more sense to make it a gamble. I'm happy with what they do, so long as it's always cosmetics and that money is used to help fund more content for free. I have 50k coins saved up (I play a lot) and I've never purchased a loot box. I understand why people would want to, and I like the system they've created. If people were able to simply buy out what they wanted from the start, they may not invest their time/money in the game.

zaherdab1057d ago

But that's exactly what overwatch's system is at least after unlocking all the minor items any duplicate would act as a few coins and let you buy whatever you want or save.

capjacksparrow1056d ago

Exactly. Impatient people can buy the loot boxes for a lucky chance/more coins. Other people, like myself, just hoard their gold like a miserly dragon.

343_Guilty_Spark1057d ago

Then it’ll be a 100G item versus a 100K G Item

1058d ago
LucasRuinedChildhood1057d ago

Nah. Loot boxes shouldn't be in premium games. They suck compared to traditional progression systems and they're simply not fun. Stop defending them.