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Kevin M. says "Muv-Luv Alternative is the culmination of everything that’s come before it. Muv-Luv, the collection of the first two games, built up a fascinatingly rich sci-fi world which has clearly saved the best for last. This is the big payoff, and it delivers in almost every regard. For those who have no knowledge of the series yet, I am reviewing this devoid of any major spoilers. It’s impossible to separate these games from one another, and I’m hoping to represent that as best as I can for newcomers.

Everything in Muv-Luv Alternative is bigger, better, and perfectly connects the plot in a ton of unexpected ways. The artwork is more detailed, and there’s even a few fully-animated cutscenes. While there were some instances of fighting in Unlimited, this is where the conflict with the alien invaders finally comes to a total head, and it gets downright brutal at times."

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ReVibe107d ago

Reviewer gives it a 9/10, and slams it for having zero political correctness.
R.I.P. game journalism.