Why Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite: Uncanny Edition Needs To Happen

Can the simple addition of the X-Men save Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite? All signs point to “yes.”

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PhoenixUp1657d ago

It’s not just the lack of X-Men & Fantastic Four characters that make this an underwhelming game

Eonjay1656d ago

I actually enjoy it but would love Xmen

PapaBop1656d ago

No it's the whole art direction. The game plays very well but it has such an uninspired look, Capcom would be better off just letting it die and work on MvC 4 instead.

gangsta_red1657d ago

It needs more than just the X-Men. The whole roster is lacking. Capcom also has a wealth of characters that are missing that should be in the game.

They played it way too safe with this one and instead of going bat shit insane like the previous ones they went simple and made it easy for newbs.

Eonjay1656d ago

I disagree. Whats there is good but what is missing is just more characters in general. I went back and downloaded Ultimate 3 and the first thing I see is 50 characters. Infinite only has 36. What is there works but there just should be more.

PurpHerbison1655d ago (Edited 1655d ago )

Can't really compare MvCi to UMvC3 until they make a 2nd version. That being said, vanilla MvC3 had around 38 characters. I think they messed up by bringing back characters from the previous game that no one asked for. Ghostrider, Hawkeye, Spencer, Chris (Leon is way overdue), Frank West, Nemesis (Perfect opportunity for Jack Baker). Just to name some. Roster doesn't have to be big if it boasts quality. MvCi does not.

ZaWarudo1657d ago

I hope to see a revival of MvCi or something. The gameplay is really good, but the roster sucks ass.

These are just rumors though, but i'll be keeping an eye on Evo.

Silly gameAr1656d ago

Just the addition of Wolverine would make it better, but yeah, Infinite needs a lot more than just the X-men to feel complete.

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The story is too old to be commented.