80GB PS3 at Dell for $340

PS3Fanboy reports:

"This kind of deal has been hit-or-miss for people. However, it's so sweet we couldn't pass on letting you know of this opportunity. Visit Dell and add the 80GB PS3 to your shopping cart. Use coupon code R$LL47$9ZSQG3S and you'll get 15% off. With free shipping and $60 off, this may be a good way of surprising someone with a cheap PS3 this holiday season. Good luck!"

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3653d ago

Alert your mommy on this deal before it's too late.

360degrees3653d ago

is WAY too much for the average consumer to even consider?....I have now had my ps3 console for a few years...and even back then I refused to pay full price for it (Craigslist FTW).....My XBOX360 Video Gaming Console on the other hand I had no issues paying full retail price

juuken3653d ago

I'm sorry but $599.99 was way too much for a console.
Guess what?
That's what I paid for my PS3 last year and haven't regret it since.
This is a reasonable deal.

Isaac3653d ago

yet you paid 399 for a small hdd, no next-gen drive, scratchable discs and a much needed 3 year warranty. That doesn't even include the 3 years you've been paying for Xbox LIVE if not more.

340 for 4 times the hdd space, 5 times the optical disc space, discs that can't be scratched, free online and reliability is a steal.

Darkseider3653d ago

Refused to pay full price for a PS3 but had no problem paying full pric for a XBox 360? Do you mind me asking what model? I will assume the middle of the road model which put you at $300 initial price + XBL which got you $50 short of a PS3 OR the SAME PRICE as Dell is offering the 80 Gig PS3 for. Yet that's too much? Hypocrisy runs deep in veins of the XBox crowd.

shqype3652d ago


$400 is a great price for the PS3, nevermind $340 with the discount. It's all about the value of the system that you're getting.

The PS3 delivers for me (and for many) a superior gaming experience, along with the ultimate multimedia experience. Not only does it display a maximum of 1080p native resolution (which the Xbox 360 is not capable of), but it includes a Blu-Ray drive that allows the playback of Blu-Ray movies. The 360 is still limited to a DVD front-loading disc tray. The 80GB hard drive is now a staple of the PS3, and it can be replaced with any 2.5" laptop hard drive, and isn't limited to a proprietary overpriced Microsoft hard drive. I can store my music, pictures, and videos on my PS3, and I can also stream content from my computer to my PS3 for viewing or saving purposes. Surfing the internet and watching Youtube videos, or even television shows online, is a possibility, as is using AIM or checking my email.

My PS3 includes built-in wireless internet capabilities, which costs the 360 an extra $100. My PS3 also allows for connecting multiple bluetooth devices, such as the amazing official PS3 bluetooth headset. And my PS3 is free to play games online. You may have had your Xbox 360 for 3 years, but that cost you an additional $150 that I never had to pay, as my online service doesn't cost a thing.

As much as this is a great multimedia console, above all it is the supreme gaming system. The PS3 has amazing potential that the developers have just begun to take advantage of. Games like Uncharted and Metal Gear Solid 4 have blown us away; games like LittleBigPlanet, Resistance 2, and Killzone 2 will do the same. Not to mention there are great PSN games and casual party games like the karaoke-like Singstar, and the trivia game Buzz! Quiz TV. The best is yet to come.

The Xbox 360 may have had the upper hand for a while as far as game development is concerned, but the pendulum has swung in favor of the PS3 not too long ago. Developers are using the PS3 as the lead platform for many multi-platform games, and the PS3 versions look just as good (if not better) than their Xbox 360 counterparts. The only real factor to look at as far as games are concerned are exclusives. And in that battle, the PS3 wins hands-down. This Christmas season, many blockbuster PS3 exclusives will arrive, while the Xbox 360 has only two heavy hitters: Fable 2 and Gears of War 2. Not to speak bad about these titles (I'm intrigued by Gears 2, the first one was an excellent game), but I will eventually be able to play them on my PS3.

Fable, Halo, Halo 2, and Gears of War are all available to play on the PC. These great games that the Xbox 360 has thrived on can be played not only on the computer, but they can be streamed to the PS3 using a service called "PlayOn." Therefore, I don't need an Xbox 360 to play those games; I just get them for my PC and play them there or on the PS3.

The most important reason to validate the cost of the PS3 is the value you receive. The PS3 will last you longer and give you more than any of its competitors, including the Xbox 360. When you buy a PS3 you will get a great games console, and multimedia center, that is well-built to last. You will never have to worry about getting the Red Ring of Death on the PS3, which happened to every single person I know with an Xbox 360 at least once (including my brother). You can pay $200 for an inferior console that has no online (as you need to purchase LIVE, if you want it it's an extra $50 for the year), that will also RROD on you in a matter of time, or you can spend more money to purchase the ultimate gaming machine that will last you well into the next generation. The choice is yours.