Can Spider Man Bring PlayStation 4 Past 100 Million Consoles Sold

Spider-Man PS4 hype has reached critical mass! Trophy Room hosts Joseph, Kyle, and special guest Luke talk about the Spider-Man Special Limited Edition PlayStation 4, and PS4 Pro bundles. Can Spider-Man be a game changer for Sony this holiday season? Is it possible for the PlayStation 4, to out sell the Nintendo Switch come this holiday? Does Sony really expect Spidey to push their console past 100 million unit mark? Also, Sky Cooper gets a make over for television. Could this mean Bluepoint's mystery game is a Sly Cooper, remake, remaster, or a new take on the character? Fortnite is already a billion dollar game, and its battle royale mode isn't even one year old, and much more!

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Thatguy-310914d ago

Spider-man and a 250$ official price reduction will sell these consoles on the quickness.

Poli_Games914d ago

Some beautiful Black Friday bundles perhaps!

FullmetalRoyale914d ago

You mean a Brack Friday Bundulu!?
They wouldn’t!

Platinum_k914d ago

On route to outsell ps2 perhaps?

UltraNova913d ago

As long as bundles are available it will sell gangbusters for sure. The game will sell upwards of 8-10 million within a year and thats a conservative estimation!

Ceaser9857361913d ago

Spiderman looks great the red PS4 console looks sexy and i see no reason why it shouldn't

I hope they sell that red spiderman controller separately

Bhai913d ago

Spidey, TLoU2, DS to name a few... will definitely make PS4 jump the ladder right behind PS2... now THAT is a lot of units sold... I'm sure they'll cross over Wii and even the PS1.

showtimefolks913d ago (Edited 913d ago )

It will get past that number and than some regardless of one game

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PhoenixUp914d ago

PS4 will pass 100 million regardless

sammarshall102914d ago

This. The Last of Us 2 will sell many consoles too

InKnight7s913d ago

Plus KH3( not exclusive but we all know that FF and Kh sell the best on PS.)

kneon914d ago

I agree that it will go over 100 million no matter what. But this late in the cycle I don't expect any game release to have a huge impact. There may be a short-lived sales bump with a new game release, but the only thing that will cause a more sustained increase in sales is a price cut.

Muzikguy914d ago

I was thinking that same thing

v_eno_m914d ago (Edited 914d ago )

will definitely help

i preorder mine +1 ^_^

rainslacker914d ago

I'm getting the limited edition one. It'll be my 3rd ps4 for the gen.

SmielmaN914d ago

Preordered my Spidey PS4 as well. :)

SkippyPaccino914d ago

If it doesn't, than a red dead redemption 2 bundle will put it over the hump.

Legatus914d ago

Not only Spider-man, but also Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, Death Stranding and TLoU part II and that's the beauty of the PS4.

Poli_Games914d ago

Im SO excited for Ghost of Tsushima!

WelkinCole914d ago

I mean who does not want play as a samurai? Yeah I am looking forward to it more than TLOU Part 2 to be honest simply because it new and that SP is going for a more realistic approach but not too much to keep it intense but still fun. .

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The story is too old to be commented.