The Modern Problem With Backwards Compatibility

Rich at GameSpew: Backwards compatibility isn't new, but it faces a new challenge that I hope both developers and publishers take into consideration in the future.

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Mulando2178d ago

Yes Multiplayer is always a problem with old games. Even worse if it has achievements that are multiplayer-only…
Most of the time those "servers" are only there to have a lobby, they are not needed for playing the game (in multiplayer). Maybe they should just implement the inventation-thing from xbl at least in the future.

Profchaos2178d ago

Licensing is also a problem eg gta 4 is half the game it once was because half the music was stripped out at the 10 year point because the license expired

Razzer2178d ago

You really bought Burnout Revenge for 360 thinking it would have online multiplayer?

C-H-E-F2178d ago

i just want a decent street racing game like Juiced, Midnight Club LA, Street Racing Syndicate, NFSU2 something like that shhhsh

Einhander19712178d ago

This is the trouble with multiplayer games, if there ain’t no decent single player campaign there as good as useless once the servers get shut down. The Single player experience will never die proof in the pudding right there.


Ranking The Burnout Games From Worst To Best

Cultured Vultures: The Burnout series has plenty of great games to play, but which one is definitively the best? We're here to rank them all.

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waverider1080d ago

I think the crash mode should comeback. Tryng to make the most damage was very cool.

camel_toad1080d ago

That mode was so damn fun. Couldn't believe it when they ditched it.

Flewid6381080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )


Flewid6381080d ago (Edited 1080d ago )

Yeah that made for a good time.

Rebel_Scum1080d ago

Burnout 2 should be above 3 imo. The aftertouch takedown mechanic slowed down the gameplay too much in 3.

Flewid6381080d ago

That's the mechanic that made me enjoy Burnout 3 over the others. It wasn't until they introduced it that I considered the series any good.

Chocoburger1080d ago

I love Takedown, Revenge, and Paradise. Dominator was okay, but it clearly felt like a B-tier game.

After playing those awesome games, I went back to try out part 1 and it was rough. I didn't like the controls (whereas the others felt perfect to me), the elevator music was generic and not enjoyable to listen to.

Finally the game's difficulty was extremely high. I could beat all single player races in Takedown, Revenge, Paradise, Dominator, but could not get first place in the very first race for the first Burnout game. It demands perfection and one slight mistake is all it takes to lose. I have yet to play part 2, but I'm hoping it's more like part 3 than part 1.

ChasterMies1080d ago

Burnout Takedown is my favorite racing game of all time. My wife was addicted to crash mode.

Xenial1079d ago

As soon as I saw Burnout 3: Takedown at #1, I knew the list was legit. lol


The Best Arcade Racing Games on Xbox One

Love to drift and boost? Check out our list of the best arcade racing games on Xbox One. They're sure to put a smile on your face.

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NeoGamer2321619d ago

Forza Motorsports 6 is a simulation not a Arcade Racer. Forza Horizon are the Forza arcade racers.


Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale Discounts: 5th-11th March 2019

Neil writes: "March 2019 is in full swing and there have been a whole host of new Xbox games for us to involved ourselves in. But what if your wallet can't stretch to the asking price of those big hitters? Well, that's where the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale comes in, and once more the latest sale is found delivering tons of cut-price Xbox One and Xbox 360 games for players to enjoy. But what exactly is found on the discount list via the Xbox Deals With Gold and Spotlight Sale for 5th-11th March 2019?"

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Kribwalker1956d ago

Skate 3 for $5 is a great deal with BC

Jakens1955d ago

This is a really good week for some fun games on sale.