1UP: SOCOM: Confrontation Review

Review by Joe Rybicki:

"No getting around it: This review will soon be inaccurate. That's what happens when a game goes through the kind of launch that SOCOM: Confrontation just had, with tens of thousands of would-be players simultaneously discovering that the servers allocated for the launch of this online-only game were woefully inadequate. For substantial periods during the week the game's been out, players who could get into a match at all were the luckiest, and those who spent time logged into the servers but unable to join a game were only somewhat less lucky. The really unlucky ones couldn't progress past the start screen thanks to extended server overloads, meaning that the game would literally do nothing more than boot up; they couldn't even adjust options or customize a character. But even the luckiest have experienced glitches, freezes, and at least one game-changing bug in the course of play."

pwnsause5720d ago

at the end of the day, online Multiplayer only games should be getting its own unique review. True, the game sucks right now, i saw it coming from a mile away, but the gameplay is fun. Multiplayer only games get expanded and they evolve to AAA status over time, just look at Warhawk as an example.

sonarus5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

Good review all in all. The game should have ben delayed but wasn't

"The good news is this: When Confrontation's working like it's supposed to, it's fantastic. It's already going toe-to-toe against SOCOM II for bragging rights as the pinnacle of the series in my personal ranking, and that's saying a damn lot."

Its just a pity sony couldn't get this game working day one cus it truly is fantastic

Ju5720d ago

I'd agree. They should have delayed it. Guess had to get it out to avoid the cramped Nov/Pre-Holiday sale ?

Omegasyde5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )


We spammed the comments on all the articles at Socom.com during the beta saying:
Delay the game.

Honestly, the beta was so horrible that they extended twice and ended about 5 days before the game came out. Someone could write a book on how $%^#$^$# the launch of the game was.

I don't know who to blame either, Slant 6 for thier inability to make a game or Sony for releasing this game unfinished.

Like I said many times, this game is the biggest disappointment of the year. Socom Confrontation dethroned not only Haze, but Too Human as well. Biggest Mistake of 2008.

EDIT: I am proudly a hypocrite as well since I own the game. Damn little big Planet Delay.

MikeGdaGod5720d ago

the beta had server issues from the beginning

Brawler5720d ago

Even though we complain about delays we all know delays usually makes the game better.

GameDev5719d ago


is that why there are close to 65,000 players online and jam packed server after jam packed server??

cause the game sucks??

sorry fanboy but this game should be called SoCrack cause it's that addictive.

SL1M DADDY5719d ago

It will sell no matter what. SOCOM fans know issues like this happen to online only games and will be in the game as fast as they can patch it. I know I will be there.

Bubble Buddy5719d ago

So Wii Music it is. /sarcasm.

ceedubya95719d ago

A good game with flaws that can and will be fixed. Good to see that they will update the review when things get turned around.

gambare5719d ago

The problem with SOCOM it's that it was released with too many bugs, still is enjoyable by those who are SOCOM fans, agreed, the score will not reflect the future fixes but for now, SOCOM scored low but we know it's awesome and it will be more in the future patches

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GiantEnemyCrab5720d ago


oh nevermind! I'm so sick of this flop talk on this site. We all need to get to a better place and stop hating on games me included. I'm sure Socom is great for those who enjoy the franchise and no score is going to change that.

I'm done with the flop talk.

PoSTedUP5720d ago

i appreciate the realness crab : )

PirateThom5720d ago

You're getting a bubble for that, but only because I agree.

The flop nonsense is funny for a while, but it's just reached the point of ruining every news article.

pwnsause5720d ago

SOCOM is an online only game, so its bound to change and evolve in the future, just like warhawk.

DarthTigra 5720d ago

Im sure you just gained a lot of people's for that bubbles+++

reckoner5720d ago


Bubbles :)

GiantEnemyCrab5720d ago

Yes, it's me and no I'm not on a bubble quest.

Just like PirateTom said:

"The flop nonsense is funny for a while, but it's just reached the point of ruining every news article."

Bubbles back at you all.

Nintendo Rep5720d ago

I don't understand how Lolliflop has as many bubbles as PirateThom. It's ridiculous.

5720d ago
Bladestar5720d ago

damn... you made be feel guilty... I know that Sony fanboys tend to bash xbox 360 games (including the ones that get great reviews like Fable 2)... but I think is enough... I will also stop the flop talk when it comes to this game too... you inspired me..

5720d ago
Bill Gates5720d ago (Edited 5720d ago )

You guys want to be boring gamers?
than go over there to the boring side with no humor.

This side of town was specifically made for the true gamers. Fanboys like myself. Don't bring that non-biased crap here.

Now go find your balls, and CONTINUE THE FIGHT!!!

This game rules, and every 360 game is FLOP.....AAHHAAHHHAHHHAAHAHAHH HAHA

Oh, and the 360 is a pile of crap.>..AHHAHAHHHAHHAHAHAHA

TheHater5720d ago

Welcome to being a Gamer, and not a fanboy.

Kleptic5720d ago

yeah when Warhawk launched...it was totally broken...stats didn't work...servers didn't work, and it got worse before it got better...

SCE will fix it...but I need a demo before I would buy it...I read a lot of feedback from beta testers on various forums, and never found too many, especially core socom fans, say its great compared to the PS2 versions...and being that this time frame isn't exactly starved for awesome online games now and in the near future...I can't find any reason to even try it yet even when the bugs are gone...

Omegasyde5720d ago

Bubble rewarded PAL ;)

Game was a flop and I side with Sony. Anyone who denies this doesn't own the game.

The Beta was for nothing. Half the features are missing from the game, BUT, BUT,...

The gameplay when not laggin, is true to the roots. Teamwork is needed and you can't play rambo.