GameZone: Animal Paradise Review

Review by Brandon Folkers:

"We've all witnessed the overwhelming sensation of big-headed animal photos that swept across the country not long ago. These disgustingly adorable depictions of already cute furry pets even sparked a new line of stuffed animal, as well as a short stint of McDonalds Happy Meal toys. But whether you loved those oversized faces, or hated them with a passion, the art of Hana Deka was an undoubtedly successful adventure into the world of strange, pointless, and irresistible.

Months, if not years after Hana Deka's success on American shores, Empire Interactive has decided to bring the first "Big Nose" video game to the U.S., with hopes that all those little children and giddy girls will remember their obsession and rekindle that fire that once burned bright for Hana Deka animals. Animal Paradise gives Nintendo DS players a chance to search for their own cute animals, befriend them, and snap photos of their very own."

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