DC Universe Online Starter Pack now available on Xbox One

Neil writes: "DC Universe Online has been available as a free-to-play title on Xbox One since early 2016. Now though we see the introduction of a paid Starter Pack, allowing those who haven't yet jumped on board with the massive online action game, the chance to really compete."

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SarcasticDuck177d ago

they should start making the oldest DLC packs available for free. That would bring in new and old players

Christopher177d ago

While not free, you can oftentimes get them for $20.

SarcasticDuck173d ago

That isn't enough. That game is a robbery with massive potential. Every expansion costs you money and there's also those boxes that you need to buy keys to open. I wouldn't mind paying 60 bucks for the game but at this point, 60 bucks gives you access to just 20% of the game!