Morality in RPG's Part 1: Personality Development

There are lots of reasons to love a good role-playing game. The stories are immersive, the worlds are detailed, and most importantly, the player is given a range of control over how they want to play. Options range from choosing what type of fighting style you like to customizing a character with a unique look and personality.

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Shiken677d ago

I really like the whole morality concept as long as it affects the ending and general progression of the game. At the very least how people treat you.

As much as I loved Infamous 2 for example, morality is pretty much a non factor in which ending you get as it is based on one final decision at the end of the game. Kinda a buzz kill if you ask me.

Infamous SS did it better IMO, save for a few story scenes that are exactly the same regardless of morality. At least here however your ending is determined by your overall morality throughout the game.

The Ogre Battle franchise does it best though. Not only does morality affect everything throughout the game, but also who your allies and enemies outside of the big bad do as well. How I miss this IP.