New Nude Mods Released for Resident Evil Revelations 2 and HD Remaster

If you’ve played Resident Evil games in the past decade, you’ve surely had your moments staring at Jill Valentine’s tight 3D ass in a wetsuit. You’re not alone. LoversLab user beelzebub2063 has created a mod to remove most of Moira Burton’s clothing, exposing her goods while still wearing a cute horned hoodie. Another mod by LoversLab’s nacepar allows you to strip down Claire Redfield. A wrist watch and heels are the only things that Claire dons in her fight against the undead.

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RacerX1094d ago

Yes, but did these pixelated women give their consent to be nude?

otakuapologist1095d ago

What's so awkward about female nudity in a zombie game?

D3athc3ll1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

unnecessary I'd say.

Why not just watch the real thing than some polygons.. Who wants to play naked in such a scary game anyways. I mean imagine zombie grabbing the vagina, it will be extra scary..

Jrios3551095d ago

You do know it's just a mod, right? Mods are completely optional. Only to be installed by the player, not the developer.

BadElf1095d ago

A Mod being unnecessary? Nooooo, no such thing..

DeadManMMX1095d ago

Well with the clothes out of the way they might as well slather themselves in BBQ sauce.

MIDNIITE_Z3RO1095d ago

But then that raises another question, will the zombies still smell her?

CrimsonWing691095d ago

Couldn’t they have made Claire’s face more attractive while they were at it? I mean yeesh... fugly

TheEnigma3131095d ago

who goes through the time just to have nudity in game. Get a girl friend it isn't that difficult.

annoyedgamer1095d ago

Game cant take everything from you though

JBaby3431094d ago

True and for the record... It is rather difficult to get one :-/

Subzero100x1095d ago

lol 11 losers down voted sad.

TheEnigma3131095d ago

Oh well. They don't like the truth.

Rachel_Alucard1095d ago


You came in here to call others losers despite having no good intent from the get go. You're insecure.

Nobody gaf about what you think

Rachel_Alucard1095d ago

Are you one of those types that thinks you suddenly stop looking up porn when you get a gf?

TheEnigma3131095d ago

Get multiple women and you'll be fine.

Rachel_Alucard1095d ago

Get a job that cuts your social life in half then come back to this.

otakuapologist1094d ago

Some people have higher libidos than others. I personally get bored as hell with games lest there's big tits and tight ass on my screen 247. My room is full of sextoys and anime figures too, desktop background is pure porn, I produce my own porn. I have sex whenever I can afford it. Some people just live for sex.

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The story is too old to be commented.