Looking back to 2015 and the scary, tense and intriguing Resident Evil Revelations 2

Daniel writes: "Resident Evil Revelations 2 was a fascinating experiment with the episodic structure of games that was popular at the time. This worked to its advantage and tantalising ‘next time’ snippets sparked a community of players to carefully dissect and digest each episode’s contents for a hint at where the journey was taking them."

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CrimsonWing691005d ago

Man, I'm a crazy RE fanboy and I hated everything about this game.

Rebel_Scum1005d ago

What was the setting for this game? The first revelations game was just on a ship right?

I find the better RE games are the one in just one setting with a bit of mystery.

CrimsonWing691005d ago

Some abandoned island. There was an andandobed prison, abandoned village, and abandoned facility.

It was nothing memorable. Also of note, Barry’s daughter has to be the most annoying character ever in an RE game.

AK911005d ago

I really liked where this and the first game went story wise kinda sad they dropped this storyline especially since Rev 2 ended in a giant cliffhanger.