Top 5 Best Modern Sonic Games

Sonic Mania Plus gives players another reason to return to the retro world of Sonic the Hedgehog. But what about Modern Sonic? Sonic Forces did disappoint a lot of fans but that doesn't mean the modern version of SEGA's mascot didn't have some incredible adventures for players to enjoy. Here are the top 5 modern Sonic games.

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NecrumOddBoy1157d ago

I really liked what Bioware did with Sonic Chronicles. It was a really cool (Mario-like) RPG. I think Sonic can work very well outside of the A -> B Runner Platformer. I would like to see them sit down and figure out what Sonic needs. I think the game series could do well getting the Mario Oddyssey treatment of opening it up and doing some new things, but keeping mementos of the glory days in there.

hanko141157d ago

apparently some of the level designers came from sonic team. the beginning of oddyssey trailer had the same opening as sonic adventure were sewer lid pops up. one mario pops out, the other water flooding the city

StormLegend1157d ago

Either Sonic Unleashed or Colors need to go in favor of Sonic Heroes.

hanko141157d ago

both and generation because they have shitty 2d sections, classic sonic and werehog

SegaGamer1157d ago

Sonic Unleashed had the potential to be my favourite Sonic game, the Day Time stages were brilliant. No Sonic game since has had stages as good as those. But the Werehog stages really damaged this game, they weren't even fun, just slow and laborious. If it wasn't for those stages, that game would make my top 3 probably, but because they exist, the game doesn't even make my top 5.

My top 5 is hard to choose because it changes a lot. But my favourite is Sonic Adventure 2. It's one of my all time favourite games. I spent more time on that game than I did any other on the Dreamcast. Sonic Adventure, Heroes, Generations, Colours and Shuffle (unpopular choice, but I loved it) would take up the other spaces.

PhoenixUp1157d ago

I’m surprised none of the Sonic Advance or Sonic Rush games are on this list

hanko141157d ago

they mention modern sonic, so i think they mean 3d sonic(well the adventure games)

hanko141157d ago

sonic adventure 1,2 and heroes i only consider as great modern sonic cause they were fully 3d platform, bit of puzzle to solve and special stages. and they didnt have silly gimmicks like shitty 2d section, horrible 2d sonic(especially physics), werehog and especially the boost.

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