Old Sega Genesis Ads Remind Us of the First Real Console War

As corny as it looks now, it's the same in-your-face style used today, where the marketplace is strangely similar to the early '90s, with warm fuzzy Nintendo in the dominant position, and more edgy aggressors trying to steal market share. Will we laugh as hard at today's commercials as we do to the following Sega ads of yesteryear?

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pwnsause3649d ago

doesnt that commercial remind you of some company we all know today? I'll give you a hint, it starts with an M.

thebudgetgamer3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

2600 vs intellivision the first console war

ShinMaster3649d ago

Don't play like you don't know it's Microsoft.

Megatron083649d ago

that ps3 ad is creepy as hell and if anything it make me want to avoid the ps3 at all cost.

Plus if you dont know that black box is a ps3 you'd have no idea what the ad is for anyways.

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PirateThom3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

First and last.

That was a proper console war, this PS3/360 crap is a lot of nonsense.

The SNES/Mega Drive wars will never, ever be recreated. The best time ever for gaming where people were Nintendo and Sega were pushing to get sales with their own games, not multiplatform titles and complaining about the minor graphical details in multiplatform titles.

macalatus3649d ago

I hear you, dude! Actually, this gen's console is the closest thing we have to the 16-bit console war. Hell, I remember one kid who was so sick of the fanboyism during the 16-bit console war wrote how or when would Sega and Nintendo start having the same games together. Gamepro's response was that it would be impossible for the two competing characters to have their games appearing on the other system.

Flash a decade and a half later, and guess what?

SaiyanFury3649d ago (Edited 3649d ago )

The 16-bit era was one of true greatness. Both consoles had unprecedented amounts of amazing games coming. I started with my Genesis with Sonic, NHL Hockey, and Shadow Dancer. All awesome games. I got my SNES in the early 90s and also had some great games. The 16-bit era was a great one never to be repeated between 2 companies. Gamers defended their consoles, but since the WWW wasn't around, you didn't have every fanboy expressing his/her opinion on every subject like console sales and game sales. You had local arguments about what's going on with both platforms. Since the WWW has evolved into what it is, now every fanboy who has a computer has a voice and this is the ultimate result. Even console sales are a factor in fanboy flame wars. Arguing individual game sales and every other potential sales factor has become a point of debate. Along with modern society's increasing tendency to be critical of every little thing, it never ends.

kalistyles3649d ago

Yea, back then it was cool to own both consoles. Now its its like a life or death decision. With followers telling you which is better and whatnot. Things have certainly changed.

Lord Shuhei Yoshida3649d ago

Its a shame that an honorable competitor like Sega is gone.Microsoft acts like a spoiled brat when it comes to the console war.However exclusives are defeating them

Marceles3649d ago

lol I remember those days like yesterday...

Genesis: Our system came out first and we have WAY more games than you hahhaah. Buwahaha our Mortal Kombat has blood! They censor your version like the little babies you are! buwahahahah

SNES: That's ok...we got Street Fighter, and a 6 button controller

Genesis: buh buh...ok now we got a 6 button controller now too, see the XYZ?

SNES: hmmm that's nice...well we got SF2 Hyper fighting and Super SF2...and Squaresoft where are you at?

Squaresoft: Lock and loaded. (loads bazooka with classic RPGs)

Genesis: buh buh, Sonic 3 & Knuckles

SNES: just give it up sigh...

Genesis: OK :(

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