MercurySteam Interview -- Studio Head on How the Studio Was Saved, Working with Nintendo, and More

MercurySteam rose from the ashes to create three Castlevania games and Metroid: Samus Returns. Studio Head Enric Álvarez explains how it all happened.

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showtimefolks1193d ago

Yall still messed up your opportunity by not making castlevania lords of shadow 2 much much better

Had strong foundation to build on yet the 2nd game wasn't as good

Snookies121193d ago

Completely agree with that, Lords of Shadow 1 was fantastic. I was so excited for the second game, and was going to pre-order it. Thank god I never did...

jeremyj29131193d ago

That blame goes to Konami. Look up the interviews with Mercury Steam. Shows why all the stuff with Kojima wasn't all that surprising to me.

Segata1193d ago

I'd love to see them make another 3DS Metroid or an HD 2.5D Metroid on Switch.

1192d ago
Venox20081192d ago

I wouldnt even mind an enhanced 3ds Metroid port for switch from them