Media Create Sales: 7/9/18 – 7/15/18

Octopath Traveler sold 110,111 copies at retail during its opening week in Japan and was the highest selling new release of the week, the latest Media Create sales figures reveal. Also new last week, the Switch version of Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker launched at 41,852 retail sales, while the 3DS version launched at 14,558 sales.

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ZeekQuattro93d ago

Great number for Octopath especially with the shortage. I bet a lot of people bought it digitally as well because of it. Captain Toad also did well with even the 3DS version putting up a respectable numbers for a 7yr+ old handheld. Anyway another solid week for the Switch.

King_Noctis93d ago

I’m happy that Octopath is selling alot. God knows we need different games than the million of BR clones out there.

On a side note, this article has been published for awhile now. I wonder why we just see it here.

TheColbertinator93d ago

Nintendo has really put great effort to dig success out ofJapan.