Ratchet & Clank was very good, but could have been great

"It's certainly a gorgeous game with fantastic gameplay, just as I expected from Insomniac. The game played a lot better than the original Ratchet & Clank did and due to it being written in-house, it was much funnier and wittier during its story sequences than the movie ever was. But the game cut too much out of the original, making it not only unessential for fans but making the original still the superior game in multiple ways." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Frinker115d ago

Agreed. 2, 3 and ACIT are still the best

AspiringProGenji115d ago

This didn’t need s reboot but actually liked it. It was a very bold decision. I trust in the direction the series is going. Injust wished some of the maps were actually bigger and not just the same old with a fresh coat of paint. Other than that, really good

darthv72115d ago

the reboot was for the movie at the time but as for the series moving forward then yeah I'd love to see them continue the story from crack in time.

Travis3708115d ago

Why are we still talking about ratchet and clank? Did something happen for it to get so many articles over the past weeks?

ConsoleGamer114d ago (Edited 114d ago )

It IS great!!!

Einhander1971114d ago

Its brilliant hopefully more to come.

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