The big Sean Murray interview

Eurogamer's Martin Robinson writes: What a trip it's been. Back in 2013, when a little team that was working out of a busted-up old studio they shared with a taxi rank on a small street in Guildford revealed its follow-up to a series of cute cartoon racing game, it was one of those moments. No Man's Sky captured the world's attention like few other games have before it. And for three years No Man's Sky was given the world's stage, making headline appearances at E3 conferences and with creator Sean Murray guesting on big-name US talk shows. "I thought Morgan Freeman was God!" quipped Stephen Colbert as Murray appeared on The Late Show and showed off his procedurally generated universe. "You're actually the second God I've had on the show."

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solideagle87d ago

I didn't buy this game but its nice to see a dev not running away and fixing its mistakes.

I think Sea of Thieves will turn out to be a great a game as well with enough updates and stuff...

I think Sony needs a studio which focuses on online only games...

OnliviousWest87d ago

Sometimes they deserve a second chance. Except for EA

sonicsidewinder87d ago ShowReplies(1)
Vanfernal87d ago

After the initial outrage now I genuinely feel that Sean Murray wasn't really scamming people back in the day. More like he overpromised and just wasn't able to deliver. But it takes guts to keep working on a game even after being shunned by the community and trying to achieve your initial vision of the game. Triple A companies tend to just cut their losses. I for one am very excited for what's coming and I hope this game continues improving for years to come.

BABY-JEDI87d ago

Go on Sean, kick some digital butt cheeks 😉