6.8 PES 2009 Review

MEGamers: "After playing FIFA 09 for quite awhile it's time now to see what Konami has to offer with PES 2009. For years PES was the series to beat, with FIFA lagging behind in nearly every
department. For 2-3 years now FIFA has improved rapidly offering the first real challenge to PES and Konami. PES 09 promised improved graphics, a load of new options and many new in-game animations. Playing the game for a week now, we failed to notice any of those improvements. The animations are as robotic as it gets in a game, the graphics are extremely weak compared to FIFA 09 and the new gameplay modes are not all that worthwhile. Is PES 09 a complete mess though? Well, that depends on how optimistic you are."

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badz1493675d ago

that's sad for PES fans! I played both demos of FIFA and PES and I can be certain and say that FIFA09 is better than PES2009 hands down!

Rabie13675d ago

Ya the game is very very disappointing.. its like the developers were not even trying on this one.