Hines: We Can't Hold Prey/Dishonored/Wolfenstein/TEW to Fallout/Elder Scrolls Sale Standards

Pete Hines said that it's not fair to expect titles like Prey, Dishonored, Wolfenstein or The Evil Within to sell as Fallout/Elder Scrolls.

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Jackhass92d ago

It would be nice if they sold as well, but yeah, it's not realistic.

Cybermario92d ago

ideally, would be nice if they did, but alas he is right

Casepb92d ago

That's a shame to, because those games have true quality. I hope the next Elder Scrolls game has melee combat as good as or even better than Dishonored.

Relientk7792d ago

I absolutely love the Dishonored series, and wish the sales were higher. Would love to see a Dishonored 3.

MajorLazer92d ago

Played the first and utterly love it. Haven't gotten round to playing the second yet

Dark_Overlord91d ago

As people are always told to vote with their wallets, Arkane listening to and obeying Anita Sarkeesian caused a lot of people to do exactly that.

kevnb92d ago

Once upon a time elder scrolls games were just cult classics too.

rainslacker92d ago

Same with GTA. Same with many popular franchises. It's actually kind of rare that a new franchise hits it big out of the gate.

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