NamelessGaming: Saints Row 2 Review "We have just completed our latest review, this time it is for THQ's Saints Row 2 on PS3. Please feel free to give any suggestions and feedback as always."

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Silogon3746d ago

As I said in my review, the game has it all. Everything and then some. What I really love about it is how the pedestrians react to what you do. Do peel out on a bike and do some front end stunts and they'll stop and cheer you on. Pull a gun out and shoot and someone is bound to snap a pic on their phone or call the police on you.

It don't end there either, the game has so much going on. So much content under one roof, if you play it you won't go back to GTA again.

Fanboy Slaughter3746d ago

I got the PS3 version (played the 360 version, every bit as good) and it deserves every 9 and above it gets.

This is THE game GTA4 could only wish it was. I know we're probably gonna hear a lot of "this is just like San Andreas", but that's part of what makes it so good. The feel of the game, the way the cars feel more stable, more "arcade-like" control (no flying out of windshield for hitting a car at 10mph). The customization options are just awesome, and when you don't like what your character looks like, visit an in-game Plastic Surgeon.

This game has such a variety. Despite a small step back in graphics, it more than makes up in gameplay. Everyone needs to remember that San Andreas wasn't gonna win any graphics awards either. There's no repitition like in GTA4, there's PLANES also. The side missions are fun and downright hilarious, I had a blast covering entire neighborhoods (and cops) in sh!t.

They should re-review GTA4, give it the 5 or so it deserves, and give this game the 9.5's and 10's I know no one else is gonna give it.

NamelessGaming3746d ago

Very true Ped. AI is at times Fantastic but times can be let down by clumsy graphics. However there is no doubt that Saints row 2 feels like a next gen San Andreas and although not as strong graphically compared to GTA IV it is fun and addictive.