Here's Your First Look At Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive was just announced by Bandai Namco and ow more details about the game were revealed thanks to scans in Weekly Jump.

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TimelessDbz94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

Super excited for this. All the digimon games this gen have been Good !

Outlawzz94d ago

Disappointed it's point and click. Probably a no go for me I'm not too fond of games like that unless the story is really exceptional. I'll still keep an eye on it tho

Ivar_Ragnarsson94d ago

Have to agree with you bro. I'm a big Digimon fan so I really want to get this game just cause it's Digimon, but I'm afraid the gameplay's not for me. Maybe I'll see some videos and it convinces me but for now it's a pass

CrimsonWing6994d ago

Oh, I am all for this and it's a turn based strategy game? Frackin' nooice!

tulholdren94d ago

Nice can't wait to give this a try.