After Witcher 3, Bethesda Needs to Up Its Game With Elder Scrolls VI

Twinfinite writes "Where CD Projekt Red’s The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was like a generational leap in the quality of open-world RPGs, Skyrim’s ancient DNA courses so blatantly through the veins of Fallout 4 that it feels woefully long in the tooth by comparison. The design, aesthetic, and general composition really are shockingly similar. It seems obvious to me that Fallout 4 was developed in a bit of a vacuum, carved out of an archaic foundation that ensured it would never feel contemporary. Moving forward, though, that simply won’t do."

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FTLmaster90d ago

I love Skyrim and all but I’d actually be down for an Oblivion remaster one day. And not exactly a popular opinion, but I think Skyrim > The Witcher 3. *runs*

TyrellCorp90d ago

Each franchise has its strengths, its just a matter of taste. The Witcher 3 was a generational leap in visuals and polish, I mean Novigrad blew my mind at the time. TW3 also had a vastly superior narrative and character development. But a lot of that comes from being able to develop a world around a dedicated character in Geralt.

On the other hand TES wins out in depth of gameplay and roleplaying options allowing the player to build their character however they see fit. And to my mind TES games always impart an unparalleled sense of freedom. TES is probably my favorite franchise but The Witcher 3 is still my game of the generation save maybe GoW.

Michiel198989d ago

While its obvious to compare the 2 games because they are both open world rpgs, in my opinion people make a mistake comparing the two. The games are nothing alike, ES gives you all the freedom to do in the world what you want while Witcher 3 is a handcrafted rpg that leads you along the path created by the developers (ES also does this in a way but its not as prominent).

inveni089d ago

I don't think it's a mistake to say that Bethesda needs to up their game. They truly do. They don't need to copy The Witcher, but they can look at the leaps and bounds made with The Witcher 3 and Horizon: Zero Dawn and say, "Oh, wow, we could do a lot of visually cool new things with our winning formula." Instead they just deliver bug fests.

Relientk7790d ago

I hope they do up their game. I want Elder Scrolls 6 to be awesome. To me Witcher 3 is better than Skyrim.


I can't wait for TES:6 since after TW3, they will up their game even more!

ArchangelMike90d ago

Bethesda definitely need a new next gen engine. And I agree that they need to take a page out of The Witcher 3 and up their all round production values.

Eldyraen90d ago

Main story and side quests need to be handled better than their old, and as far as F4 still is, system of minimal cutscenes and/or real time animations. There are parts that are pretty interesting sure, but they are still primarily dialogue (text+voice) based storytelling focused in a time when visual storytelling has been more of the norm for a long time now.

Not hating on it as I love my jrpgs for example which are still 90% text based anyways, but Western RPG wise, Bethesda is subpar in story department these days. Top notch for make your own adventures though which is why I love their games still. Keep that and just add modern animated storytelling design as well in more areas.

Michiel198989d ago

I disagree, I love ES for its minimalistic storytelling and making the world the main character in their games.I do think they could improve the storytelling a lot, but they dont need to make it Witcher style. Elder Scrolls leaves a lot to the imagination while Witcher doesnt. The reason I love reading is that it gives my imagination a freepass to do whatever it wants, Witcher doesnt give me that (the books are another story). I hope ES keeps their style but ups the quality of it.

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