Top 5 Mario Platformers

Chris Hyde: "There are some excellent games that just missed the cut, but if anything this goes to prove the point about just how many good Mario games there are."

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Loadedklip685d ago (Edited 685d ago )

Not a popular opinion but I would put 3D world up in the top 5. The level design, the semi 3D/2D gameplay feel (best of both worlds imo), the power ups, and one of the best coop games ever.

I think my list would be using both replayability today and nostalgia ...

1. Galaxy 2
2. Super Mario Bros 3
3. Super Mario Bros World
4. 3D World
5. Galaxy 1

I prefer the more platforming oriented games over the possibly more popular semi open world exploration/adventure 3D platformers like 64/Sunshine/Odyssey