Dante's Inferno and R.U.S.E. are now Backwards Compatible!

Just a little while ago, Major Nelson posted on Twitter that Dante’s Inferno and R.U.S.E. have been added to the ever-growing list of backward compatible Xbox games. The games are available for purchase through the digital store, or just insert your old disc and the game should automatically download. As a [Continue Reading]

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LgbtWarrior92d ago

Dante’s inferno is awesome. Great game.

MWH91d ago

Very underrated game.

spwittbold92d ago

If they would add Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge and Ninja Gaiden 2 to BC I'd jazz my pants.

Switch4One91d ago

I'm waiting for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 1 to come to BC.

MWH91d ago

What a great game LoS was.

Switch4One91d ago

And out of nowhere as well! It really had no business being as good as it was.

MWH91d ago

True, it's rare to play a game with moderate to no expectations then have your mind blown away!

The unfortunate thing is that at the time many reviewers were not kind to it because it did Castlevania differently and because it copied from God of War. i found those reviews sad because they missed a great game for stupid reasons. Same for Dante's Inferno.

One thing is for sure, we were the lucky ones 👍🏻

Switch4One91d ago

I immediately got a God of War vibe but it was done so well that I didn't care that it deviated from the series so much.
The story, the setting, the Sir Patrick Stewart, the gameplay, all wonderful!

MWH91d ago

Don't forget the music it is amazing.

I thought the same and that's what those journslists keep missing. Games copy from each other all the time and since the begining, GoW itself borrowed from games like Devil May Cry and Rygar but it is the excution that should also count and everything about this game was top quality.

Nice to see a fellow gamer who enjoyed the same rare gems.

Ciporta198091d ago

It's actually quite a cunning tactic this. Instead of saying here you go you can play all Xbox 360 games now, they can make it seem like you are getting something new each week/month. Very clever of them. Keep it in the gaming headlines as a talking point each month.

DasTier91d ago

Surprised that RUSE has been added. Wasn’t that game taken off Steam and the Microsoft Store a few years back due to publisher rights issues?

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