The story of Thrill Kill, a PS1 fighting game canned by EA for being too controversial

If you ever owned a PlayStation, there’s a chance you have heard of Thrill Kill, a violent, sexually suggestive fighting game that never saw the light of day. Not from the outcries of concerned parents, but by executives at the last minute.

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XiNatsuDragnel1068d ago

Wtf EA bring this back then we might let you off strongly implying might.

strayanalog1068d ago

I remember reading about some of the development of Thrill Kill in Gamepro magazine, and it getting the AO rating. That alone in '98 warranted a purchase, because.. well, it's an AO game, man.
Then EA canned it so they wouldn't hurt their image, which really sucks for the development team and their hard work. Overall, though, no biggie. We still have Mortal Kombat and can find Thrill Kill online. And not to mention with the releases in 1998 - arguably the best year in video games ever - Thrill Kill may have been overshadowed anyway.

rpgenius4201067d ago

I had a copy I burned and played. I believe you can still download it and play it on an emulator. It was quite bad actually.

Fist4achin1067d ago

Aside from being an unfinished game, I had a good time with it. I thought it was like that arcade game pit fighter. Imp the pimp or Belladonna the dominatrix were awesome!

Cmv381067d ago

I read somewhere, if not stated in the article, that this game evolved into wu tang shaolin style, which ended up for me being one of the best fighting games ever. A 4 player fighting game is still unheard of today. I know it may fall into the brawler category, but whatever.

jukins1067d ago

You're correct. And yes that was an awesome game. I was surprised it was actually good my friends and I had a blast with wu tang.

boing11067d ago

I've had bootlegged version of Thrill Kill on my modified PS1. Wasn't that great but it was brutal and 4 player vs. was pretty frantic.