Most Overlooked Current Gen Games - Part Six

Phil writes, "One of the oldest article series on SuperPhillip Central returns today. It's "Most Overlooked Video Games" with an appearance of some PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and 3DS games that didn't get as much attention as was expected or just were completely ignored altogether. Once your eyes have scrolled through my picks and explanations, which games would you add to this list?"

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PhoenixUp97d ago

I’d get Dissidia NT on discount if Square Enix added Sora to the roster

OmnislashVer3697d ago

Dissidia NT is pretty boss once you get a hang of the pace in combat. It's pretty exceptional and while I can see it improved upon in sequel titles, I have no idea why this isn't played more.

septemberindecember96d ago

A couple of these games just aren't that good, like Hey! Pikmin and Dissidia NT. And I say that as someone who loves both Dissidia on the PSP and Pikmin on the Gamecube.

BlaqMagiq196d ago

Dissidia NT deserves to be overlooked. I played it and it's awful. The only thing it has going for it is pretty graphics. That's it.