15 Games That Have Jaw Dropping Water Effects

Water, water, everywhere but which looks the best in video games? Let's take a look.

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NecrumOddBoy186d ago

15+ ad-ridden pages? GTFO out of here with these buzzfeed websites already.

Axel-Foley186d ago

gamingbolt and cheatcc are always no clicks from me!

Lon3wolf186d ago

I'll add Twinfinite to that list for me.

OhMyGandhi186d ago

GTA5 will always be the ultimate surprise to me. I was not expecting such incredible looking water, all. Absolutely beautiful.

Pyrofire95186d ago

Oh another article that I wont read beyond the first page because there should only be one page.

Team_Litt185d ago

The water in Sea of Thieves truly is masterful. Sometimes I start a lone session just so I can sail aimlessly

shaggy2303185d ago

It is stunning, and it's all being powered by "the cloud"

T2X185d ago

And you know what clouds are made of? Water! = Mind Blown!!

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