Sea of Thieves lost 58% of its PS5 player base in a single month

Sea of Thieves seems to be experiencing a significant PS5 player count drop with over 50% of the Microsoft live-service game's player base no longer playing.

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shinoff218335d ago

Couple things with this. I'm sure it's fairly common even on online games. My second point. Summer just started so alot of people getting outside, family trips, etc.

LoveSpuds35d ago

Bit early to suggest it's summer/holiday season for the likes of UK, Europe etc. July and August maybe, but not quite yet.

shinoff218334d ago

From my perspective(u.s.) it's definitely summer and I imagine that's where a majority of players are. I know Europe and the UK ain't no punks and they game to though.

Kornholic34d ago

That's BS. June, July and August are the months for summer holidays.

-Foxtrot35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah...in the UK once we get a single ray of sunshine or get some warm weather we are out there to the beer garden like there's no tomorrow. We cherish the sun we get XD

Still early days though, it won't probably pick up until mid July at this rate.

Rainbowcookie35d ago

Where in the UK do you live Foxtrot?

-Foxtrot34d ago

Newcastle....so faaaaaar North


LucasRuinedChildhood35d ago (Edited 35d ago )

Yeah. Most people will buy a game, play it for a bit and then put it down for good or come back later. It's completely normal.

And most people don't even finish games (most teams would be quite happy with a 35-40% completion rate).

I'm personally not interested in Sea Of Thieves but it's important to be objective. The game is currently the #11 best selling game on the PS Store and was in the top 5 for weeks.

porkChop35d ago

This happens with literally every online game. They always see a significant drop in players after a few weeks. I don't understand why it keeps getting reported every time like it's some random occurrence. People constantly move from one game to the next. It isn't a new concept.

Rainbowcookie35d ago

Also many have a backlog of good games waiting in the wings. Time for the hard workers are limited, so you have to prioritize

Hotpot34d ago

The woe of GaaS, they have to fight for playtime against literally every other activity people do on their free time. With non GaaS you can just enjoy what they have to offer, whenever you want to, and move on.

Abear2134d ago

Kids don’t go outside in the US so that’s no excuse here. You see the news out here? Plus they can’t talk to people, maybe that’s the problem w Sea of Thieves, it requires human interaction lol

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CrimsonWing6935d ago

I don’t know how they expect to flood the market with these GaaS games and expect them to be successful. This seems to be the case, it’s rare for player engagement to be consistent like a Fortnite.

GamerRN35d ago

Didn't HellDivers lose a fair percentage of players? They only benefitted from the slow burn and show growth. Sea of Thieves didn't sneak up on anyone, and probably got a large Flux of players and 50 percent staying around is a pretty good number if you ask me

Tedakin35d ago

Helldivers is down 400 thousand players on Steam since launch. It's been dropping fast since the PSN debacle.

Zeke6834d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Stop lying.
"According to Steamdb, on June 12th, before the 01.000.400 update, Helldivers 2 peaked at just 49,125 players on PC, one of the lowest peaks ever seen in the game’s history. However, on June 13th following the most recent update, the PC player count increased by over 86%, peaking at 91,692 players. "

Zeref34d ago (Edited 34d ago )

Sea of Thieves is very successful. It probably lost that many because it just released and blew up on playstation and most people won't play it long term. Same thing happened with Helldivers 2. It had almost 500 thousand consecutive players at release and then shortly after it lost half of that. It's normal.

CrimsonWing6934d ago

Isn’t the point of GaaS to, like Y’know, keep people playing it consistently while generating recurring revenue through microtransactions designed around walls of progression and battle passes?

How does that translate with multiple GaaS games? A few I get, but let’s not beat around the bush the industry is still focused on these over traditional because according to them if a AAA game is volatile no matter what, might as well go for the model that leeches on the wallets of the consumers.

I hate these types of games. I think the only one I actually enjoyed was Diablo 4 and that already grosses me out with the monetization.

It’s just whenever I see most articles about GaaS titles it’s like 80% on how they’re a failure and it blows my mind that the industry is adamant about shoving these down our throats. Honestly, it feels like they’re going to war with us by continually pushing these out.

Jin_Sakai35d ago

It’s a pretty and very boring game at the same time.

RaiderNation35d ago

Been saying this for years. People who love this game must be easily entertained.

-Foxtrot35d ago

I think if the game launched with what it has today I still don't think it would have gotten the best reviews. Better sure but nothing outstanding.

When you have a game that's set the bar so low at launch, the only way is up so everything looks 10 times better.

Zeref34d ago

If it wasn't it wouldn't be popular and topping the playstation charts right now

anast34d ago

Sea of Thieves is 22nd and falling according to time tracker. Not really a chart topper.

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Einhander197233d ago

Sea of Thieves' PS5 Player Count is Crashing

Sea of Thieves on PS5 has already lost 58% of players since its launch in April.