Kingdom Hearts 3’s Fourteen Years in the Making: An Interview with Square Enix’s Brendan Docherty

The Koalition interviews Square Enix's Senior Manager, Brendan Docherty about everything Kingdom Hearts 3.

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rbailey96d ago

Hopefully, Kingdom Hearts III will be worth this long wait. From everything I've seen so far, it just might be.

OmnislashVer3696d ago

Each trailer has been been better than the last. I'm thinking it's gonna be good. As well as the fact it only got delayed to next year so that it doesn't compete with the Fall/Christmas slew of games, much like Sony has been doing by creating an after New Year's market. This just means it's on track and should be have a bit of additional polish on release.

InKnight7s95d ago

Except changing the engine ruined the so alive and CGI like Sora.

But I hope they would represent a solid story like BBS and the first KH, because the rest of Kh is pure crap and unneeded spin offs.

OmnislashVer3695d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Wtf. Sora looks like a Pixar movie and the animations are objectively smoother now with objectively higher LoD. I liked the darker Sora from the Luminous Engine as well but considering the worlds he's in the lighting had to be increased. This isn't an engine problem it's whether or not they want Pixar worlds or not.

Blu3_Berry95d ago

So just based off the title and not reading the article or watching the video, it is safe to assume Kingdom Hearts 3 been development for 14 years? If so then this will be a train wreck lol.

princejb13494d ago

I highly doubt it's been in the making for 14 years. They have done many spin offs and other projects since kingdom hearts 2. There's no way they put so much resources for 14 years into one game. More like 4-5 years

PhoenixUp95d ago

“It’s been fourteen years since Square Enix released Kingdom Hearts 2”

2006 - 2018 is 12 years.

InKnight7s95d ago

Well, KH2 released in 2005 so its 13 years.

nommers95d ago

In NA and Europe KH2 released in 2006, so unless you lived in Japan or you imported the game, it’s 2006.

PhoenixUp95d ago

Even if the author was Japanese, Dec 2005 - July 2018 isn’t 14 years

franwex95d ago

Nomura just can’t release games in time.

OmnislashVer3695d ago (Edited 95d ago )

Nah, the only mess up was FFXV simply because PS3 couldn't handle it. And KH-BBS, 3D, BBS 0.2, and KH3 all came out or are coming out in a timely fashion. You kinda willingly forget that though to keep that absurdly negative act up.

franwex94d ago (Edited 94d ago )

What negative act? We’ve never spoken before, and obviously you do not know my comment history. If Nomura is involved in a project in some supervisor capacity in a standard platform except a long development.

FallenAngel198495d ago

That’s not really a Nomura focused issue.

- FFXV has to be put on hold for a long while because that team had to help FFXIII with its own turmultous development.

- KH3 was put on hold cuz the team that developed KH1 & KH2 went on to make FFXV, & that game was put on hold for the above stated reason. The team that’s making KH3 now got into that position because it created Re: CoM, BBS, & DDD.

- FFVII Remake started development before Nomura even knew he was made the director of the project. Besides that he has to balance being director of a big project like KH3 at the same time.

Nomura can make games in a timely manner just like any director at Square Enix, but S-E makes him the director of so many projects at a time.

OmnislashVer3694d ago

Expect a long development? KH has been in development for 5 years, hardly a long time. Get over yourself.

franwex93d ago (Edited 93d ago )

Have a decade is not a long time? That’s absurd. Even presidents of countries get more done in shorter time. It’s also been longer 5 years too. Maybe not 14. But it’s been about a decade.

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Yetter94d ago

I just don't get why people like this game

princejb13494d ago

They were good at their time. Im a long time kingdom hearts fan but I'm not as excited this time around. I'm a lot older now and this doesn't appeal to me as much anymore. To many spin offs messed the story up for me and taking way to long to finish up.

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