7 Final Fantasy Crossovers You Probably Forgot About

Final Fantasy isn't normally one for collaborations, but the collab with Monster Hunter: World is far from its first. Here are a few other collaborations that definitely existed but you might not have heard about.

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FallenAngel1984102d ago

“Oh, LittleBigPlanet, whatever happened to you? You used to be an amazing game series that let gamers create and explore colorful worlds that were only limited by their imagination (and the game engine). But now you’re… well, you’re not bad, but you seemed to have dropped off the map entirely.”

That brings tears to my eyes. I wish LittleBigPlanet could get a fourth numbered installment so it could get more relevance. I especially love how someone recreated FFVII in LBP2.

PhoenixUp102d ago

The author missed one of the most monumental crossovers, Itadaki Street Special, where the Final Fantasy & Dragon Quest series crosses over for the first time in 2004. Final Fantasy later appeared in later Itadaki Street Games with Dragon Quest, a long with having a collaboration across Final Fantasy XI, Dragon Quest X, & Final Fantasy XIV.

There’s also allegedly a planned upcoming crossover between Final Fantasy XV & Shadow of the Tomb Raider, which had precedent Lightning dresses up as Lara Croft in FFXIII: LR.

Nu101d ago

Just when you thought you were the most nerdy you discover that there's millions more nerdy than yourself.

vork77101d ago (Edited 101d ago )

really no Ehrgeiz?