What does no one seem to understand about a game you love?

No matter what games you love, you'll always read or hear opinions on them that you disagree with. Well, let's complain about those people.

The PC Gamer staff share their answers to the question: What does no one seem to understand about a game you love?

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NecrumOddBoy692d ago

I love Castlevania Lecarde Chronicles 2, a free fanmade (Konami approved) masterpiece but many dont give it the recognition it deserves. Go try it!!!!

FallenAngel1984692d ago

Because when certain games become popular people will still complain

Leeroyw692d ago

People don't understand that playing borderlands 2 on my psvita is like popping bubble wrap. Such sweet sweet Lewt..... At 2.5 frames per second. So delicious

691d ago
Chaos_Order691d ago

More of an overarching one, but I find some gamers don't seem to understand that it's entirely possible to be a fan of two genres/games that are almost complete opposites from each other.
"Oh, you play Call of Duty? You must not like kid-friendly platformers!"
"Oh, you play walking simulators? You must not like fast-paced action games!"
"Oh, you like casual party games? You must not like complex RPGs!"