Dark Souls: A Journey Towards Platinum

Simply getting through Dark Souls is no easy task, so going for the Platinum trophy is maddening at times. Joseph from Game Savvy documents his journey to get to Platinum is Dark Souls: Remastered.

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BeardedDrachen103d ago

It’s really not that difficult. The Demons Souls platinum (if you got it legit, required you to play through the game 6-7 times.

Deep-throat103d ago

I think the easiest one is Bloodborne Platinum since you don't have to replay the whole thing.

jerethdagryphon102d ago

Why so many I can't remember I know I maxed out the ng+ increase of difficulties and damn the twin guys on the bridge boss man slayer flyer I think

iDadio102d ago

I have the platinum for the remaster and as long as you pay attention getting the tails and Paladin Leroy by being human at the right time and ensuring you talk to the witch BEFORE killing Bed of chaos its so easy.

Got plat for demon souls, dark souls x2, dark souls 2 x2 and dark souls 3 with Bloodbourne also done. All very very similar.