Greedy Raven writes, "LittleBigPlanet has been recalled and delayed because 'one of the background music tracks that was licensed from a record label for use in the game contains two expressions that can be found in the Qur'an.'...

For all of those keeping track at home, this means that the following two things are true:

1) Brutally murdering thousands of people in horrific fashion: OK in a video game
2) Quoting the Qur'an: Not OK

Is Sony implying that quoting the Qur'an is more evil than mass murder?" Read more here...

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Silogon3703d ago

Absolutely absurd. People need to stop being so damn sensitive and get over it. Wear some thicker skin when you crawl out of your beds, holes, trash cans, homes; people.

bgrundman3703d ago

I could not agree more. People should be less concerned with being politically correct and more concerned with minding their own damn business

NegativeCreep4273703d ago

Come on people, Its one FREAKING WEEK!!!

All you people that are nagging like women seriously need something more eventful going on in you're lives to keep you occupied besides waiting for some single videogame.

Yes I know LBP is being considered as one of the most groundbreaking games in recent memory and has all the potential to really earn GOTY accolades, but come on its not like waiting an extra 7 days; 168 hours is really going to be torture for all you.

If any of you super-sensitive gamers who are taking this delay to heart have journals, why don't you try and continue brain-storming and mentally illustrating more ideas and concepts for the content that you are going to create once you get ahold of the game. That's something to keep you busy for the extra week.

Ben Laden3703d ago

In america there'd be a public outcry if someone quoting mcdonalds, so why the double standard?

Muddyalcapones3703d ago

why the **** would we get upset about quoting McDonalds?

RussDeBuss3703d ago

I don't see where the story is. Simple fact is a mistake was found in a product and the company making the product is fixing the mistake b4 the product gets out to the public, and doing it pretty quickly if you consider that they have to re-press enuff to supply the whole planet.

if it was any other type of product there would be none of this fuss and mainstream media coverage

seriously, you would have thought the media would be to busy scaremongering about the economy and trying to talk us into a global recession, than to worry about a week delay for a video game

JOHNNYbravo3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

whereas you have time to work out the hours in a week, and worst of all like nirvana, the most commonly cited band and yet one that, most people go through the process of liking at the age of twelve. you make me cringe mate

on topic- everything is too pc- wheres frankie boyle when you need him?

juuken3703d ago

Agreed Silogon.

I swear, there must be other games to play while you wait for LBP!

NegativeCreep4273703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

"whereas you have time to work out the hours in a week, and worst of all like nirvana, the most commonly cited band and yet one that, most people go through the process of liking at the age of twelve. you make me cringe mate"

Nirvana is the most commonly CITED band? cited according to what? Are you actually capable of completing a thought, Johnny? (and are you also capable of making a statement that actually sounds comprehendible?)

Alright...Mate...Not only are you some brain dead idiot that thinks figuring out the amount of hours in a week is some kind of huge ordeal (24 times 7 takes like an entire afternoon for you to figure out or what?) but you also are some new-age poser that has absolutely no good taste in great alt. rock. I'm actually majoring now in Business and Accounting, which in case a complete retard like you doesn't know, is focused very much on mathematics. So figuring out how many hours there are in a week is as easy for me as taking a piss.

Let me guess? You like all the new pop-rock crap of today, right? Radio Disney crap like Fallout Boy, Tokio Hotel, My Chemical Romance, and The Jonas Brothers? I would even go as far as to guess that you even listen to Hannah Montana, Don't you? Why would you even bring this up? A loser like you can't even stay focused on the discussion at hand (which was on the delay of LittleBigPlanet) so you think trying to downplay the band logo that is my avatar will make you look sharp?

You think Nirvana caters only to 12-year olds? While I will certainly not refute that claim entirely (simply because I have met younger people who like Nirvana and don't like all the new, derivative bands of today) great front men from other legendary groups like Anthony Keidis, Axl Rose, and even Ozzy Osbourne have nothing but the utmost respect for Nirvana and Kurt Cobain.

You certainly need to take you're head out of the oven and try to come up with a response that is on-topic and that doesn't sound like it was written by a half-witted ape with down-syndrome.

Have a nice day mate!

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Pennywise3703d ago

lol... Ive heard it all. This has all be nothing but positive for Sony, quit crying about it. People are trying so bad for a negative spin on this... truth is, Sony took a complaint and capitalized on it.

eXo83703d ago

Exactly, they're fixing the problem so there won't be a lot of bad publicity and they're getting free advertising as well. When mainstream new sources like CNN are reporting the issue and showing clips of the gameplay, the name LittleBigPlanet will reach more ears.

Fishy Fingers3703d ago

The writer of this BLOG is either a fool, or trying to be funny and failing miserably.

Maybe a mix of both.

ruibing3703d ago

A desperate attempt to bring attention to his blog. This is why we should stop approving news from blogspot.

blue_tenshi553703d ago

Gosh... You think they'd stop idiots from commenting... Too bad there's this thing called freedom of speech in America... BTW, most of the news stories on here are from blogs. Maybe some people have better things to spend their money on then domain hosting.

P4KY B3703d ago

Nobody expects the Islamic inquisition!

Pixel_Addict3703d ago

Unfortunatly I think it went over many peoples heads. I think they are agreeing for the wrong reasons.

bgrundman3703d ago

Good Call, everybody loves a good Mel Brooks reference.

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Lolliflop Lolliflop 3703d ago

Excuse me while I go read the tears of Xturds crying over IGN giving Fable II an 8/10

Jimmy the Greek3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

didnt ign uk give it a 9.5?

edit: youre right its an 8.8

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