Will Smash Ultimate finally crack the Melee scene?

AllGamers asked a number of pros and commentators including D1, TKbreezy, Duck, Prof Pro and VA for their thoughts on how well Ultimate will attract Melee players.

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DJK1NG_Gaming194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

No. Melee fans will continue playing Melee for it's unbalanced roster of clones, limited modes, stages, mechanics and everything.

Smash Ultimate will be for people who played all Smash games and enjoyed them all. and new folks.

cpayne93194d ago (Edited 194d ago )

Melee has mechanics and movement that just aren't in any other game. I'm not saying it's a better game, but it has an appeal that no other smash game quite has, for all of its flaws. I enjoy the other smash games and will be buying ultimate, but for me smash 4 isn't as fun as melee because you can't pull off the sick combos and movement options you can in melee. In my experience with the scene the idea of the stereotypical melee elitist is way overblown, I haven't really met anyone like that in person.

NecrumOddBoy194d ago

Melee was faster and smoother for me. I am happy with the Switch Smash but I hope they nail the fluidity of combat

DJK1NG_Gaming194d ago

Actually it doesn't.
Smash Ultimate has the directional air dodge, brought back the rapid A attacks and has a better short hopping input.

Melee only has is wave dashing which was not a mechanic Sakurai and team created. It only exist because of the speed of the game.

Smash Ultimate has way way way more mechanics than Melee.

nommers194d ago

Those mechanics exist either way and if you practice you can pull them off. Doesn’t matter where they come from, you’re in control of whether those techs happen or not.

nommers194d ago

Melee has a lot more options and more than just basic wave dashing: short hopping, ledge dashing, wave dash to ledge, character specific learned mechanics like wave shining and shining out of shield with Fox, dash dancing, chain grabbing and L cancelling.

DJK1NG_Gaming194d ago

Again all the come from the speed of the game not the actual controls.

cpayne93194d ago

If the dash dancing and wavelanding dont provide movement options in ultimate like they do in melee it doesn't really matter that they are there. There is too much lag after landing with an air dodge to use it viably in competitive play at the moment, but that could change by release. It still won't match the feel of executing the movement and tech skill in melee, which is fine, it doesn't have to. They both will have their own pros and cons, all I am saying is that melee has lasted this long for a reason, whether you want to aknowledge it or not. I like a lot of the changes in ultimate and have high hopes for it.

KFrench193d ago (Edited 193d ago )

This is a classic example of people outside the Melee community hating on them while trying to pretend it is the other way around.

DJK1NG_Gaming193d ago

Except it a fact. Melee fans doesn't like any Smash game but Melee. There were even Melee fans at E3 who didn't like Ultimate already because it not as fast as Melee or can't do the things they do in Melee.
Melee fans want every Smash game to be like Melee otherwise they won't budge. Which why Melee is still be played by them.

cpayne93193d ago

What does that even mean, that all those mechanics like edge canceling or ledge dashing only come from the speed of the game, and not actual controls?

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TheColbertinator194d ago

Melee will not die and its most hardcore supporters will never take a shower.

cpayne93194d ago

Hey man the best of us take care of ourselves just sayin. Most of the melee redditors and twitchers don't even really play melee.

ZaWarudo194d ago

No. Melee fans are far too dedicated. Even if a HD remaster of Melee was to come out i bet they would complain about some 0.1 second delay or some shit and go back to vanilla.

194d ago