23 Best FPS Games You Should Play

Cultured Vultures: You hear that? It's the sound of another excessively long list from us, this time about the best FPS games.

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GamingInFrames100d ago

Half-Life 2 just so happens to be my #1 game of all time.

DasTier100d ago

Some questionable entry’s on this list... also no Halo, Timespliters, Medal of Honor or Nightfire?

Bastrad99d ago

I wouldn't put Nightfire. Even when it came out no one cared for it, don't see how that's changed now.

Fist4achin100d ago

Since the list went historical, I would have hope for some Black, Halo, Prey,...

Bastrad99d ago

Black wasn't very good. Could see how that didn't figure on the list. Unless you only had a ps2 in that era, then I might understand. There were far better games available.

TheOptimist100d ago

I am always afraid that I'll have to click to 23 pages nowadays when such lists come up. Thank you for not doing that.

Though Dishonored is not an FPS, it's more of a FPPRPG. Would have loved to see Superhot, Shadow Warrior in this list.

bigmalky100d ago

Is Resistance: Fall of Man and the Timesplitters series in this list?

Bastrad99d ago Show
bigmalky98d ago

Bet you wouldn't dare say that face to face, keyboard warrior.

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