Hotline Miami and Developer Dennaton's Future

"Hotline Miami and its sequel are the epitome of pulse-pounding arcade action. Not only that, but the vague story with just enough clues to piece it together combined with a tantalizing 80s electronic soundtrack make a truly remarkable experience. These two top-down twin-stick shooter games are some of my favorites of the past decade in games. Jonatan Soderstrom and Dennis Wedin formed Dennaton Games in 2012 with the first title. With their help, Devolver Digital was put on the map as one of the biggest independent game publishers we’ve seen thus far in gaming history." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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gangsta_red193d ago

Hotline Miami hands down is one of the best games I have ever played. The style, the design, everything about it was just master craftmenship. Even nailing down the soundtrack put it above and beyond.

Unfortunately the sequel just couldn't live up to the first.

I felt that the sequel tried too hard to be strange and wierd as the first entry just flowers and felt natural.

The second game just didn't hold my interest because of this.

But I am still curious what these guys have next for us.

LucasRuinedChildhood192d ago

In terms of the difficulty curve and general flow, the second game is much less of a straight line. There's a lot more highs and lows (it's less consistent and it's a lot longer). Overall, I preferred 2. it had more variety, increased violence, special abilities like dual weapons, a more insidious story, a better soundtrack, better art, etc. It was also way more challenging than 1 which I personally appreciated - it just felt like a natural progression in that regard.

However, the fact that there were just too many enemies off screen at times, it dictated your play-style too much (I was always more of a melee guy) and it could have done with a more succinct story are the issues that really held the second game back. At least for me anyway.

sonicsidewinder193d ago

Definitely a game that captured my imagination at the time.
Never tried HM2. Tried re-playing the first on Console and just couldn't get a feel for the controls.

AK91193d ago

I loved HM1 & 2 whatever Dennaton Games do next I’ll support them.