ArenaNet ‘folded like a cheap card table,’ says fired Guild Wars 2 writer

From Polygon: "Until last week, Price worked as a narrative designer on Guild Wars 2. Earlier this month, she wrote a lengthy Twitter thread about the differences between writing characters for linear, narrative-driven games and player characters in MMOs. A prominent Guild Wars 2 streamer and YouTube known as Deroir chimed in to disagree. Price later called Deroir out, tweeting: “Today in being a female game dev: ‘Allow me — a person who does not work with you — explain to you how you do your job."

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ninsigma125d ago

You were an ass hole to fans and you think they aren't going to take action?? 🙄

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OhMyGandhi124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

she was making a personal post...with a public profile, on a social media platform with nearly 15,000 followers.

mkis007124d ago

About the internal design of living season episode 3.

amazinglover124d ago

While also identifying herself as an ArenaNet employee, plus her post was about her work at ArenaNet once you do that you are no longer speaking as an private citizen but as a representative of your company. If I had an employee do this I found fire him/her just as well. You can't claim it was a personal post on a public profile if what you are discussing is work related matters.

Servbot41124d ago

Don't forget this is the same woman who said the world was "better off without him" when Total Biscuit died.

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ShottyatLaw125d ago

Price and her white knights in the media and "fans" need to stop making this about feminism or whatever other virtue signaling they're trying to push on this.

Her response(s) to the situation were ignorant, and she's done more to hinder proponents of equality and anti-toxicity in the games industry through this BS that has come after the initial twitter posts.

Eonjay124d ago

"she's done more to hinder proponents of equality and anti-toxicity in the games industry through this BS that has come after the initial twitter posts"

I disagree with this point becasue after all her dimisal was not related to anything more than the choice of language when responding publicly as a representativee of the company. I am saying that your first point overrides this. Many companies already have a social code of conduct. She would have been in violation no matter what her stance on equality was. I think in light of the President and his twitter habbits, people have forgotton that you can't just take to social media and act like an ass towards anyone. She could have expressed her viewpoints without attacking the YouTuber like that.

You can have a political perogative and still act professional. She did not and she also didn't hinder equality in any way. If it was a guy, should have (and did) got the same treatment. She accomplished nothing. She hindered nothing.

ShottyatLaw124d ago

You missed the point about "the BS that came after the initial posts."

Her firing had nothing to do with feminism or social inequality. Agreed. That's what made the things that followed so ironically bad for the causes she and others try to push for.

Retweeting her exchange and framing it as "today in being a female game dev" and then making it seem like she was being attacked by toxic gamers was not only a big stretch of the actual facts of the situation, it also serves as an overactive, "boy who cried wolf scenario."

Just like we see so many times today, overreaction and extremist views hinder the actual progress being made by those in favor of stopping actual wrongs.

In other words, she and some journalists made this into something that it's not. By doing so, they're only detracting from actual problems.

yeahright2124d ago

I disagree. This is a classic crying wolf scenario. this is the kind of thing undercover bigots love because they get to point to it and say "See! this had nothing to do with gender but she made just said it was and everyone believes her, we told you there was media bias!" And they're 100% correct in this case, but you bet your bottom dollar they'll act like this is the norm.
This is the same thing that happened with the anti-sjw movement. Started off as just "enough already, not every little thing has to be made into a social justice issue." but the bigots jumped on it and soon if you notice, you can't even have a female lead, a gay character, anything without them jumping right in and crying SJW. The anti sjw movement got taken over by bigots and now we'll have people like price that will pull the gender card at the drop of a hat while never acknowledging any wrong doing. and when those become more and more common because the media backs them up... the people who went through real discrimination and not just a polite and respectful response, may not want to speak up because of a fear of being just viewed as "one of those again".
We just saw something similar play out with the me too movement and aziz ansari. So yes, pulling the gender card to play the victim out of nowhere can indeed hurt progress being made with equality.

redey3124d ago

You man, are really unstable. She was sexist, she was offended because someone did not agree with her “slightly”. Because someone has a different opinion, and is male. she needed to point out that this is just “another day as a female developer”, and that he should stop mansplaning. She is literally sick to the head. He could not be more polite and respectful if he tried (obviously he knew she was a lunatic and probably checked his tweets a dozen times just to not trigger her). And this is not her first “mistake”. You know her famous tweet? She celebrated total biscuits death, saying it is a good day for gaming industry. That was her first strike, this is her second, over and out.

Gh05t124d ago


"He wanted to vent his anger, and he had the power to command a woman to stand there"

You dont think comments like that hinder equality?

Eonjay124d ago


No I don't think it does. I think she doesn't represent equality in and of herself. Thats silly. Perhaps she was speaking from a perception where she really did feel mistreated as a woman, but as countless people have stated, her words and the given situation didn't mesh together. I am saying her comments were irrelevant in context and entirely unprofessional

Perhapps our disconnect is that I don't see how she could be hindering equality when here comments were irrelevant from the get go. How has she hindered equality. Regardless of whether or not she chose to act like an ass doesn't give her the power to unilaterally hinder equality. Do you understand what I am getting at?

Whats real will continue to be real and whats not should be ignored.

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Servbot41124d ago

Of course this awful human being would try to make it about being female.

bluefox755124d ago

I would have had way more sympathy for her if she hadn't played the woman card.

rainslacker123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

I'm glad the company didn't protect or defend her in fear of the retribution of those that would make it out as if her dismissal was because of sexist reasons. This person has made some really stupid and even terrible public comments, and seems to have a complete lack of respect for those who buy the products she works on.

This particular instance really had nothing to do with feminism, but you know the fallout has only just begun, and the narrative will be twisted. I have a feeling this is going to be a good example of how a certain side tends to get their way.

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Petrovich125d ago (Edited 125d ago )

This is a perfect example of an abusive and toxic individual who is now playing the victim to cover up the tracks of her misdeeds. She, as a veteran in the gaming industry, should have known and somehow expected the type of reaction the community will unleash after her blatant display of arrogance towards a member who happens to be a big fan of her work wanting to engage in a healthy discussion about a topic she publicly posted.

yeahright2124d ago

But it was her PRIVATE space... on a public forum, where she boasted about being part of arena net...

capjacksparrow124d ago (Edited 124d ago )

Twitter is anything but a private space. She has over 10k followers. Does she personally know all of those people? No. The whole idea behind twitter is having quick conversations with quick replies. If she wanted to keep things private, there are options for that, or other social media platforms. The guy was mellow and respectful. It's going over the top nowadays where people can't even comment or have conversation.

I'm all for equality, rights for all, etc. She handled this situation poorly. At the end of the day, you are still representing the company you work for. If you don't want to deal with other people, either block incoming replies or ignore them. Boom, problem solved. I would have fired her for her actions, I think it was a good call.

Servbot41124d ago

^ He was mocking her, dude.

capjacksparrow123d ago

I didn't even realize you were being sarcastic haha. Sorry about that.

Rachel_Alucard123d ago

She's not even a veteran, she literally has 3 games on her resume, 2 of which are kinect games and GW2 as a writer. She previously worked at Paizo and got fired from there too for the same reason here. She's most likely been causing problems at ANET and this was the last straw, she even admitted Mike O brien personally fired her. She's a very toxic individual and I have no idea why an actual veteran who had been in the industry for 2 decades would defend her and respect someone who clearly has no passion for the industry, but no respect for others.

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rainslacker123d ago

Sometimes when i see some of these people, I actually think they believe that they think they're in the right and believe that they're being victimized. I notice this a lot more than I used to outside the internet, where there is more sense of entitlement in people today where they feel things should just be given to them. When they don't get them they lash out, and try to blame everyone, instead of looking at the real reasons why they may be held back.

It's not that some people aren't being held back because of the isms, but in the real world, hard work and perseverance tend to go a lot further in getting ahead than complaining about one's lot in life. No one gets a promotion at work because they think they deserve it. No one gets listened to by those that matter just because they say they deserve respect. People that get what they want in a meaningful and long lasting way get it because they work for it, and work within the systems that are in place and overcome them, or use them the way reality intends for them to be used.

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Lionalliance124d ago

Omg, why are people and media defending her?! She was an asshole to the poor guy!

Majin-vegeta124d ago

Cuz in this day and are in the wrong for everything and women are always in the right🙄

rainslacker123d ago (Edited 123d ago )

Yeah, and in today's world, people don't realize that's only the case when you're actually married to the woman in question, and when you are, you come to realize that every other woman is wrong because women are catty.:)

Best example....the scene in Stranger Things where Lucas asks his dad what he does when his mom is mad at him.

redey3124d ago

Polygon, enough said. Cancer of gaming iindustry.

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yeahright2124d ago

clicks. clicks = money. being principled = less money. Which route do you think they'll go for?

Servbot41124d ago

"I am a *FEMALE* game dev! I can't be responsible for my actions, you stupid white male!"

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